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If a Fire Starts in Your Home, Do You Know What to Do?

October is National Fire Prevention Month and the perfect time to do a fire safety check in your home. According to the 2016 National Fire Experience Survey, from the National Fire Protection Association, had estimated public fire departments in the U.S ... read more

10 spring safety tips for your home

If you ... do to secure your house from fire, flooding and crime," according to A Secure Life. Now, it's easier than ever to keep your family and home safe. Our sponsor SimpliSafe has been setting the benchmark for home security for years. You may know ... read more

What Do You Guys Think About Google Home Routines So Far?

You could also say, “Hey Google, Let’s go home” and have Assistant broadcast throughout your home that you are on your way, send a text to someone to let them know the same thing, read unread texts aloud, adjust your home thermostat, fire up some ... read more

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How to track your kids with your iPhone

This will include the child’s phone that you just set up. The Find My Friends app lets you do exactly that. But you don’t have to fire up ... checked in. If your kid’s iPhone shows up as being at home, then the next stage is to start looking for ... read more

Am I a Millennial? Caught Between Generations, 12 People Born in 1981 Reflect on Their Experience

I do feel like an alien ... technological environment. Did you ever store CDs in a binder? Did you have to make plans with friends using landlines, and if they weren't home, that was it? Did you send or receive your first sext as an adult or a teen? read more

Save your Easter lilies

Q: Every Easter, my church gives parishioners Easter lilies to take home after the service. I would love to grow them, but I have heard they are poisonous to cats and they get a disease and die anyway. Do you know if ... Those that your church buys for ... read more

IN THE KNOW: Get engaged in your community

With a primary election you need to file by May — so think about yourself or someone you know who would be interested and like to get involved. As the city unfolds into spring, streets get swept and flowers start ... Do not forget to call or email your ... read more

Jen Gotch Of Ban.do Wants You To Talk About Your Feelings: Even On Bad Days

So I just try and put the ball in their court and let them know ... do that really don’t translate into a lot of other businesses. So the hope is that if you start a dialogue, in 10 years, you can easily take a “Mental Health Day” and it won’t ... read more

12 Safety Precautions For Keeping Your Apple HomePod From Taking Over Your Home

If you don’t want to return home to find your house a wreck, the money ripped from the couch cushions, you might want to consider unplugging before you leave. Should you forget or neglect to follow this instruction, do not be surprised to come home to a ... read more

7 Steps For Traveling & Working Remotely, According To A Digital Nomad Coach

I worried my work would suffer from all the travel and time zone changes, I didn’t know how ... a long-term home in another country). If you do want to be a nomad, you have five main living options: a host family, a co-living space, your own space ... read more

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