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How To Mo-cap A Horse: Making Hay From These Techniques - Latest News

How to mo-cap a horse: Making hay from these techniques

Before we had cars, motorbikes, or planes, horses stood as our primary means of transport. Re-creating their distinctive gait for animation in films, TV, and video games has traditionally been a trick... read more

Veterinarians Discuss How to Manage Equine Gastric Ulcers

These painful lesions have been identified in a high number of horses, particularly those in intense training and competition, and a variety of dietary and management factors can make them worse. read more

How to Care for Your Horse’s Health

If you are one of many students at private boarding schools who owns a horse, chances are your horse is one of your top priorities. Like any other animal, horses require a lot of care. Here are some b... read more

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Courses with Horses

Even for a guy who has tried hypnosis, meditation, Extraordinary Golf, Rolfing, and assorted sessions with Bob Rotella and Gio Valiante, all in an effort to escape mediocre golf, the idea that a horse ... read more

North west floods devastate landholders

THE history-making flood in the state’s north-west ... On one property covered by floodwater south of Normanton the loyal station horses were shot rather than be left to drown. Helicopter pilots runni... read more

Landowners: What they don’t know can hurt them

That impression can lead an inexperienced landowner to make ... hay, but it is a lot of land, especially for the inexperienced, to manage weeds and manage wildfires.” Some of them hope to find a farme... read more

Eight Resolutions For The New Decade (Views: 4210)

Our columnist believes that if you achieve these eight goals you ... Goal No. 1: Try to develop the correct horse-rider match-up for you. This directive may be hard, because you already love the one y... read more

Far From the Tree

It offers tips on tasting syrup, along with a thesaurus’ worth of ... And could they ever taste different enough to make me want to pay a premium for something I pour on my pancakes? Seth Wolcott-MacC... read more

SPCA Rescues 30 Rabbits In Lower Makefield

"We are very glad to have rescued these rabbits before this weekend's ... of Oxbow pellets for adult and young rabbits, timothy hay and fresh romaine lettuce, parsley and carrot tops. The horses also ... read more

Polling the Polling Experts: How Accurate and Useful Are Polls These Days?

“Even though we really don’t know what a person means when he says ‘yes,’ we can make hay out of the fact that last year ... The cost of polling has always played a role in polling techniques. With th... read more

How to Predict Foaling

Hovering over the expectant dam in the barn 24/7 is impractical and, quite frankly, could make ... techniques are triggered by the second stage of labor, and in some instances these alarms might ... read more

Do's and don'ts after livestock death -- A detailed dive into animal carcass disposal in ND

"Timely disposal of these mortalities ... Keena shared her tips for composting of animal carcasses: • Build a pile if composting one animal. • Build a windrow if composting several animals. • Use mate... read more

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