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How to avoid your own retirement crisis

Various reports have weighed in on whether America is facing a “retirement crisis.” One study found, for instance, that while just 8.8 percent of people currently age 65 and older are impoverished, 88 percent of Americans still believe the nation faces ... read more

BlackRock 2016 DC Pulse Survey: How to Avoid Retirement Crisis: Survey Finds Employers Key to Improving Employee Retirement Readiness

The survey of workplace plans and employees uncovered significant disconnects across the DC landscape, most notably the stark contrast between the employers' awareness of their plans' effectiveness and employees' feelings about their own retirement readiness. read more

How to handle multiple saving goals

You've got a lot you want to accomplish: pay off your student loans, take a dream vacation, buy a house before 35. And maybe get married and have kids someday. And oh yeah, the monumental task of saving for retirement ... your own savings crisis 2. read more

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Are We Facing a Retirement Crisis?

If you're at 10%, bump it up to 15%. Taking these steps may be all you need to do to avoid your own personal retirement crisis. The $16,122 Social Security bonus most retirees completely overlook If you're like most Americans, you're a few years (or more ... read more

How to Avoid a Devastating Retirement Planning Mistake

Moving back the retirement age even further. Increasing Social Security taxes, and perhaps eliminating the wage cap altogether. These ideas are all speculation. We don’t know what our government will do when faced with a debt crisis. David Walker made it ... read more

Yield Hunting: The Biggest Retirement Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

The seven Pitfalls to avoid and how to avoid ... anticipate spending 60-70% of your current or pre-retirement expenses. AARP has a more modern calculator that can be more accurate. Other financial institutions have their own so use multiple sources and ... read more

How to avoid a retirement identity crisis

Keeping connected to your industry after retirement might not be your inclination once you’ve handed in your ID and packed up your desk. But if what you do is very much connected to who you feel you are, losing that tether can be disconcerting. read more

How to avoid your own retirement crisis

Many of today's workers will have a hard time retiring at the traditional age while maintaining their standard of living. A new book on the subject, "Falling Short: The Coming Retirement Crisis" (Oxford University Press), offers useful insight into the ... read more

4 Ways to Avoid Your Own Retirement Crisis

Some Americans may be better prepared for retirement than they realize. About 56% of baby boomers and Generation X (people between about age 38 and 65 now) are saving enough to cover their basic retirement costs, including uninsured medical expenses ... read more

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