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Here’s How to Skip Your Period Using Birth Control

Honestly, we can think of so many reasons to skip your period — and if you happen ... it’s totally possible to use it to get fewer periods. Here’s what you need to know. A pack of birth control pills typically contains three weeks’ worth of active ... read more

Google Home Max is the best smart speaker for the money. Period.

Google’s Home Max isn’t perfect, and the $399 price tag might be a bitter pill to swallow for those looking to upgrade ... I feel like a plebeian using it to charge my phone, but it works great for that too. The components are wrapped in a plastic ... read more

From weight gain to struggling with fertility: Health expert debunks five common myths about taking the contraceptive pill

Skipping your period when you are on the pill doesn't cause any kind ... may cause an increase in appetite but there was no clear links between weight gain and pill use. read more

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I Am Never Trying To Skip My Period Again

I have been fascinated by the notion of going without a period since the ... she gets her period by using her birth control pill to control the regularity of her cycle. But it was not until recently that I actually tried to skip my period. read more

What happens to your body when you double-back your pill to skip a period?

"There is no evidence to suggest that long-term fertility is affected by continued use of the pill. In fact, fertility bounces back very quickly after the 7 pill-free days, hence why unplanned pregnancies often occur after a prolonged pill-free period." read more

Is it Really OK to Skip a Period Using Birth Control?

So you’ve probably heard that you can take care of the problem—skip your period—by hacking your birth ... you should talk to yours first. “Not all pills are created equally, and some are better to use continuously compared to others,” says ... read more

It's Totally Fine To Skip Your Period With The Pill

it's not bad to skip your period on purpose. Now, if you're not on birth control and not getting your period, that's definitely something to talk to your doctor about, Dr. Dardik says. However, if you're "on the pill, it is not at all harmful not to get ... read more

Everything you need to know about taking a pill to delay your period for special occasions and holidays

Or do you do what more and more women are now doing: take a pill to delay your period until after you return ... a pregnancy will need to continue using other methods of contraception,’ Dr Guthrie told (Picture: Getty) She adds that the ... read more

A doctor busts the big myths about your period and the pill

Myth: “I’ve been taking the pill ... using contraception to skip periods or make predictable changes to your cycle. Many women have extremely fortunate anatomy and are able to take active hormone tablets continuously every day, only having one period ... read more

Skipping Periods on the Pill

... you get on the pill is not your period." Skipping over the pill-free week is often prescribed to women who experience extreme bleeding or menstrual migraines, and some women already alter their periods through pill use, a process known as menstrual ... read more

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