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How to Stop Having That Awful Recurring Dream

However, if you have trouble … To get an idea of what to do to either stop ... if we’re really up to the job,” says Zadra. “So first, take a moment and reflect on what’s going on, what’s stressing you out?” He notes that these things don ... read more

How To Really Listen To Others

"Most of us in the workplace are so overwhelmed with things to do—instant messaging ... ability to suspend judgment and really hear what the other person is saying. Stop interrupting. This will be hard to do, but try not to finish the other person's ... read more

The 3-Strike System: How To Prioritize Your To-Do List

If you learn how to prioritise your to-do list, you will get things done ... If you absolutely had to stop working after doing just one task, which would you do? It sounds simplistic, but it’s actually a tough question to answer. It is based on the ... read more

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The importance of a 'stop day'

I think it's pretty much generally felt that we don't have enough time to really get to the things we want to do in life. Restoration travel to feed your soul CNN: You write about incorporating a "stop day" into your weekly schedule. How do you think that ... read more

How to Stop Pipes from Freezing

Porzio says that the best thing to do ... really well," he says, and the cold air from outside could start to freeze the pipes beneath the sink. To avoid that, he recommends leaving the cabinet doors open when you leave--the warmer air inside the house ... read more

Miley Cyrus Shares How Her Life Has Changed Since She Quit Smoking Weed and Drinking

"Anything that I want to do, if I want to stop or start something ... but also it helps in my position to be a little obsessive because then I can really get things done and make sure it's perfect." This is an extension of her Billboard cover story ... read more

Rocket League: How To Improve Your Competitive Ranking

If you get better ... and learn the game when things don’t really matter as much. You don’t really think that those players that pull of those cross-field aerial goals are debuting them for the first time there, do you? Maybe it’s just luck that ... read more

How to Rewire Your Negative Thinking Habits and Feel Happier

It sounds counterintuitive, but it can really help to stop expecting greatness from yourself ... even if you don’t get there. For example, choose a doable goal (say, learning to do a chin-up), and make an effort to enjoy the process (building the ... read more

How to talk to your mom and dad about Bitcoin on Thanksgiving

Do not start ... Some call it…” No, stop yourself from saying “a virtual currency” because then you will have to explain the term “virtual.” Regroup and add, “It just seems different than regular money, but this is actually one of the ways ... read more

Always Late? How To Be On Time — For Real

“Most people really hate being late and have ... The Producer needs to get as much done in as little time as possible. She feels better about herself when she’s checking things off a massive to-do list. Producers tend to engage in “magical thinking ... read more

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