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How to Start Reducing Ankle Pain Today

Ankle pain is something almost everyone deals with at some point in their lifetime. Sprains, tendonitis, arthritis and other injuries can make even the simplest actions, such as walking, especially painful. The problem with ankle injuries is that healing ... read more
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Use this Strategy to Reduce Ankle Sprains, Fractures and other injuries

Did you know that ankle ... today? There are two million ankle sprains occurring per year! Isn’t that crazy?? There are two million ankle sprains occurring per year! What we can draw from that large number is that there a lot of people suffering from ... read more

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Learning to Manage My Fibromyalgia and Practice Self-Care

My name’s Dean, and I have fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis, a sliding hiatus hernia, my right wrist feels broken and oh, I’m pretty resistant to pain meds ... learning a new piece of software, starting and/or finishing a piece of content, or ... read more

How to Recover From an Ankle Sprain

Today, we are going to talk about ankle sprain ... Ibuprofen is also a decent option for reducing some of the inflammation and pain. To treat your ankle sprain, you’ll also need the right rehab exercises. Don’t overdo it on adding resistance, but ... read more

EXPERT ADVICE: How to deal with ankle pain from injuries with leading physiotherapist Tim Allardyce

However, if you are lucky, you may just find your foot adapts to the cartilage problem and with time the pain simply disappears ... and using ice to the ankle joint to reduce swelling: Or you can use a BOSU ball – start with the curved side up and ... read more

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How to Play on a Sprained Ankle

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, up to 25,000 ankle sprains occur each day. With early protection and adequate rehabilitation, returning to play on a sprained ankle ... pain, stop and consult your rehabilitation provider. Start ... read more

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