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How to Love When You Are Single on Valentine’s Day or Any Other Day

Do you want to know how to love as a single person ... why wait for Valentine’s Day to lure a friend into having a special night with you? Or why wait for Valentine’s Day to honor your mother as your Valentine? Why wait for any special occasion ... read more

It's Better to Be Single on Valentine's Day

Neil McArthur is a philosopher specializing in ethical issues around sex and love ... Clearly, you are better off being single on Valentine’s Day. And you are certainly no worse off by being single this Saturday than you are any other day of the year. read more

Ultrawide vs Dual Monitors: Which Are Better for Productivity?

We love multiple monitor workstations ... Using a 34” ultrawide is a lot like that feeling you had the first time you put two monitors on your desk and marveled at how much room you had to work. At the end of the day, ultrawide monitors can be great. read more

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The 10 Best Things About Being Single in Your Early 20s

In your early 20s, you ... any damn plot line you want. Maybe you travel for a year or become someone else entirely, shave your head, dye your armpit hair gold, become vegan, then eat nothing but meat. Who cares? You're the lead in your movie, and one day ... read more

Sleeping with a married person? Here’s how to end it—if you want

If you are desperate to get out of any ... true love. • Recognise that there’s a whole different side of this individual. Affairs are intoxicating because they’re built on brief, heady encounters, and they’re entirely free from the day-to-day ... read more

How To Become An Ultra High Value Alpha Male (And Attract Women)

Many other primate species have an alpha male in each social group, as I'm sure you already know if you have spent any length of time watching Animal Planet. In a band of wild capuchin monkeys, for example, the alpha male is "a single male, who has primary ... read more

A Guide to Embracing Life as a Single (Without the Resignation, That Is)

And unlike dating sites that treat being single as a predicament, this one celebrates flying solo, and offers shopping, financial and other advice to help them do so with pride. “If you Google the ... An article in Business Day on Monday about a new ... read more

I’ve Read 500 Cover Letters for Entry-Level Media Jobs

Don’t plant the seed in my mind that you aren’t the best candidate for the job. You don’t want to be overly cocky, but I’ll take confident over meek any day. Show me that you read my site. It’s common for cover letter writers to say, “I love ... read more

'I know they are going to die.' This foster father takes in only terminally ill children

The key is, you have to love them like your own ... and it's all because of Mohamed." Other than trips to the hospital and Friday prayers at the mosque — when the day nurse watches her — Bzeek rarely leaves the house. To avoid choking, the girl ... read more

How to Find Love Using Feng Shui This Valentine’s Day

These “love” related colors can also be applied in the bedroom as wall paint, bed linens or any other ... you can add a feng shui hanging crystal in this self-cultivation location to bring clarity to your inner life. In conclusion, for Valentines Day ... read more

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