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Unlocking the personality of a social media addict

Read on to find out what this might say about your ... You might just enjoy yourself. What emotion does this image evoke? Fear or disgust? Trypophobia is defined as a fear of holes. New research now investigates the underlying physiology and asks whether ... read more

'A Wrinkle In Time' Has A Grand Imagination, But It Can't Quite Put It To Good Use

“It’s just a physics thing,” one character explains meaninglessly ... It wears an earnest message on its sleeve ― believe in yourself and love those around you, and you’ll achieve your goals ― and leaves the fundamental building blocks ... read more

27 ways the vagina could be attacked and how to prevent them (1)

They’re common and may not cause any trouble, in which case it’s fine to leave them alone or just treat them by soaking yourself in warm water ... It’s like an inner tube bulging through a hole in a worn-out tyre. You may be born with it; the ... read more

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What's Going On With The Rarest Stars In The Universe?

There are the supermassive stars that collapse directly to black holes ... But… it turns out that there may be actual potassium-flare stars, since a non-smoker (haha) observed a similar signature. It is easy to fool yourself if a source you didn ... read more

Axle Up: 19 Ways to Add an Aftermarket Axle to Your 4x4

Dana now offers a full line of options to build your own axle and save yourself ... Out with the old Unimog 404 portal axles and in with 74Weld. These portal boxes are machined from 7050 aluminum for increased strength; they add 4.25 inches of lift to ... read more

Errol Morris on His Movie—and Long Friendship—With Stephen Hawking

I was sent off to meet Hawking in Cambridge, England, at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge University ... Nothing can escape from the black hole. Nothing inside that event horizon can get out. What did Hawking ... read more

How Stephen Hawking changed my life, and yours (Commentary)

The entire enterprise of fundamental physics is audacious in its ambition. Trying to puzzle out the truth about the universe from ... or the properties of gigantic black holes in the center of the galaxy -- things separated from us by billions of years ... read more

How Stephen Hawking moved me to tears

This was not because of his plight — the eminent professor of theoretical physics has suffered ... can’t laugh at yourself and at life.’ The first of the two lectures (presented by Sue Lawley and produced by Jim Frank) goes out next Tuesday. read more

Blue Sky Science: How do hovercrafts work?

so the two forces cancel out. The basic components of the hovercraft used in UW-Madison’s Wonders of Physics program are an air blower that blows air underneath the board or platform, an air-tight fabric on the back side with a few holes around it and a ... read more

The Basic Knife Skills Everyone Should Learn to Master

Let's face it: No amount of portioned-out garlic is going to teach us how to mince the little ... without the fruits and veggies rolling around. Quick physics lesson: Keep the knife at about the height of your elbow to put more control and pressure into ... read more

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