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How to Determine the Current Value of a Bond

Many investors think that because bonds pay a set amount of interest, they are risk-free investments. While it's true that bonds tend to be less volatile than stocks, there are still several risk fact... read more

How to Compute the Effective Rate of a Bond

Consequently, your effective rate of interest, called the bond’s yield, also varies. 1. Look up the bond’s current price. You can get bond price quotes from your broker or from bond listing services, ... read more

How To Calculate Anticipated Bond Mutual Fund Losses From Rising Interest Rates

It is easy to calculate the risk to bond fund principal based on ... investors would expect the 3.2% bond price to trade down so that the $320 in annual income would be competitive with the then-curre... read more

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How Much Is My Bond Worth?

A bond's current market value depends on its own interest rate, or coupon rate, along with its face value and the current market interest rate. There is a mathematical formula to calculate how much yo... read more

How to Convert Bond Price to Yield

While the coupon remains fixed, a bond’s market price fluctuates to reflect changes in market rates, among other variables. You can calculate a bond’s current yield to figure your annual percentage re... read more

Can Your Retirement Portfolio Survive a Stock Market Crash? Here's How to Tell

But as MONEY’s Ian Salisbury recently ... you need to find out what your stock/bond allocation actually is. To do that, just list all your stock and bond funds along with their current balances and th... read more

How the Tribune analyzed CPS' bond deals

to calculate the present value of future dollars by discounting the cash flows on an annual basis. This was done for payments from 2014 onward on both the refinancing bonds and the hypothetical fixed- ... read more

How To Profit Off Current Stock Valuations

Is AAPL expensive relative to the current stock market ... number by today’s AAA corporate bond rate, represented by Y in the formula above. To show you how interest rates affect valuation, we'll calc... read more

How to Calculate Interest Receivable From a Bond Amortization

When bonds are sold, you need to calculate your cost basis in the investment, which is the face value offset by the remaining discount or premium balance. The amortized discount or premium adjusts the ... read more

How To Invest In Corporate Bonds

When investors buy a bond, they are lending money to the entity that issues the bond. The bond is a promise to repay the face value of the bond (the amount ... Moody's and Fitch, calculate the risk in... read more

How do I Compute Bond Equivalent Yield & the Effective Annual Rate?

You can use this procedure to compare the returns on several different bonds to determine which one has the highest ... If you already own the bond, check your records for price. Otherwise, use the cu... read more

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