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China wants the world to help name the rover it’s going to put on the far side of the moon

so the same side of the moon always faces earth. Until now, the far side has only been photographed by lunar probes from far away, and it shows the side is almost entirely craters. Given the lack of k... read more

Warren Moon says Teddy Bridgewater is 'not far away'

Teddy Bridgewater is working his way back from his horrible knee injury late in the 2016 preseason and his progress is creating quite a stir in the Twin Cities. The Minnesota Vikings quarterback conti... read more

A piece of artificial satellite taken far away from the earth "one with a good understanding of the distance between the earth and the moon"

There is a distance ... and the moon, and it takes about 1.3 seconds even at the speed of light, but it is too far so that humans can hardly realize that distance. Satellites that are flying in the un... read more

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How far away is the Moon?

Most people don't really grasp just how far away the Moon is ... 26 meters across, the size of a house. A big one. And the nearest star? It would be -- to scale, mind you -- 800,000 km (480,000 miles) ... read more

This Is What Lunar Eclipses Can Teach Us About The Universe

Solely from measuring the Earth, Moon, and Sun, humans can determine how far away the stars are. Mostly Mute Monday tells the astronomical story of an object, class, event or phenomenon in visuals, im... read more

How far is the Earth from the moon? Take a look yourself

away from the Earth. NASA posted the picture on Jan. 2, providing the public with a unique view of our planet and its moon. The angle is great to get a grasp of what the distance between the two celes... read more

South Korea’s Leader Proposes Broad Economic Cooperation With the North

“Even though political unification is still far away, building a single economic community first by settling peace and freely traveling back and forth between the two Koreas will become genuine libera... read more

How far away was that lightning?

But does counting really get you a good estimate for how far away the lightning is? Is this one of those old wives’ tales, or is it actually based on science? In this case, we have physics to thank fo... read more

See the Far Side of the Moon From a Million Miles Away

NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) has captured a view of the moon that is impossible to see from Earth—the “dark side,” illuminated as it passes between our planet and the Sun. The images ... read more

How far away is the Moon?

I’m sometimes asked what’s the one thing I wish people would understand better about the Universe. My answer is always the same: scale. We humans have a miserable sense of just how big space is, and I ... read more

That’s No Moon … Well, Actually, Yeah It Is

They do this every now and again to find out exactly how far away the Moon is (and to provide yet another test of relativity). Apollo astronauts left a series of retroreflectors there, devices that ar... read more

How far away is Deneb?

Why does Deneb’s distance matter? It matters to astronomers because – if they don’t know exactly how far away the star is – they can’t get accurate numbers of its true size, mass and energy output. ES... read more

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