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How Vultures Eat Human Bodies

Their findings imply that vultures ... visiting the body over the following five months, which will be useful in figuring out how far away a body might be if a bone or other part is found by itself in ... read more

How Vultures Survive Eating Rotting, Feces-Laden Meat

While humans carefully preserve and cook turkey for Thanksgiving ... as they have cataloged and identified the microbes that live on and within the bodies of two species of vultures. This is the first ... read more

Underappreciated vultures' carrion eating benefits humans

Though these birds’ appearances won’t win many beauty contests, it’s their diet that draws the most disgust from humans. That’s too bad, because a vulture’s carrion consumption — one vulture consumes ... read more

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Eating breakfast with parents is associated with positive body image for teenagers

Parents hoping to raise teenagers with positive body image might just find helpful tools in the kitchen every morning. A new study from the University of Missouri says consistently eating ... read more

The guts of vultures harbor microbes deadly to humans

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Nov. 25 (UPI) --Dozens of recent scientific studies have looked the microbiomes of the human body, the collection of microbes ... to study the microbial colonies of carcass-eating ... read more

Why more and more vultures eat their prey butt first

Maybe you already knew that vultures ... of the body: the eyeballs and the butt. Wow, everything is terrible! [Seagulls have learned a new trick — eating the eyeballs of baby seals] Here's where it ... read more

Inside Vultures' Guts: Poison

(Newser) – Vultures eat all kinds of nasty stuff ... their immunity could help humans fight our own bacterial infections. (Click to find out what scientists learned about vultures when they left human ... read more

Never Before Seen: Deer Spotted Eating Human Bones

Scavengers take advantage of opportunities to eat ... even human remains. Known as “body farms,” some research facilities study how human remains decompose in the open air, including which animals ... read more

Loathed by humans, vultures do nature's dirty work

Unless it is chased away by a kettle of black vultures. Black vultures don't share their cousin's strong sense of smell or their desire for solitude. They are pack animals, traveling, feeding and ... read more

Why Are Vultures Eating in Restaurants?

If not disposed of by vultures, the carcasses may become hosts to anthrax and botulism which might infect animals desperate enough to eat old, putrid remains. Then how does a body built to neutralize ... read more

Why Don't Vultures Eat Live Prey?

Yes, that’s me wearing camo, so that they don’t recognize me as a human ... vulture's body system, causing renal failure. Vultures don't have a certain enzyme that can break down diclofenac and ... read more

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