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How Vultures Eat Human Bodies

Their findings imply that vultures ... visiting the body over the following five months, which will be useful in figuring out how far away a body might be if a bone or other part is found by itself in ... read more

Our study suggests eating breakfast later and dinner earlier could help you lose body fat

Time-restricted eating ... in animals and humans has shown clear links between our circadian (daily) rhythms, metabolism and nutrition. Circadian clocks exist throughout our bodies, including ... read more

Never Before Seen: Deer Spotted Eating Human Bones

Scavengers take advantage of opportunities to eat ... even human remains. Known as “body farms,” some research facilities study how human remains decompose in the open air, including which animals int... read more

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Inside Vultures' Guts: Poison

(Newser) – Vultures eat all kinds of nasty stuff ... their immunity could help humans fight our own bacterial infections. (Click to find out what scientists learned about vultures when they left human ... read more

I ran 100 miles in a day – this is what happened to my body

Ultra-marathon runner and exercise physiologist Nick Tiller describes what it's like to take part in an ultra-endurance event, and the consequences it had on his body. The marathon race has long been ... read more

Fat in one part of your body is particularly dangerous for your health — here's what an exercise scientist says you can do about it

director of the Center for Health and Human Performance at Rutgers University and a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. "Other than surgery, exercise is the only way to change your body ... read more

Loathed by humans, vultures do nature's dirty work

Unless it is chased away by a kettle of black vultures. Black vultures don't share their cousin's strong sense of smell or their desire for solitude. They are pack animals, traveling, feeding and roos... read more

Environmental biologist explores how songbirds stay slim despite overeating

"The passerine birds at the bird feeders near my home never seem to get fat despite having this buffet constantly available to them, but there are people who get heavy when exposed to that kind of all ... read more

German Police Training Vultures To Locate Corpses

... be trained to only seek out human bodies, instead of some unlucky rabbit who met the sharp end of a mountain lion a few nights previous. Presumably, police are also attempting to train the vulture... read more

Deer caught eating human remains for first time, say scientists

Deer are mostly herbivores, although they have been known to scavenge small mammals or birds and occasionally eat ... human remains”. The deer was scavenging when it came across the decomposing body, ... read more

Woman Eaten By Vultures: ‘There were only bones, clothes and shoes left”

‘They took 40 to 50 minutes to eat the body.’ Local rural French and Spanish farmers and ranchers are using the incident as a call to arms, and demanding the right to kill the birds. They claim that t... read more

Healthy bodies, healthy minds

While students are eating breakfast, they are also learning about why it's important to fuel your body at the start of the day ... For example, in teaching lessons about the human skeletal system, Far... read more

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