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How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet

This story is not a good idea. Not for society and certainly not for me. Because what trolls feed on is attention. And this little bit--these several thousand words--is like leaving bears a pan of bak... read more

Tackling the trolls: how women are fighting back against online bullies

Refusing to be silent, women are leading research, campaigns and new strategies to stop trolls and create safer online spaces ... they still have a disproportionate amount of power – the internet." In ... read more

Stop calling them 'Russian troll farms'

The Russian actors who, through the Internet, interfered with America's 2016 presidential ... Professor Whitney Phillips, in a landmark book on trolls, explains that "trolls take perverse joy in ruini... read more

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The Information War Is On. Are We Ready For It?

The Internet Research Agency, the Russian troll farm charged with interfering in the U.S ... A guide to busting through confirmation bias, the cognitive fallacy that's destroying our discourse. read more

How to Argue on the Internet Without Becoming a Troll

The internet is a battlefield, and you simply can't get around online without being drawn into a shootout from time to time. When that happens, these tips will keep you knocking down opponents without ... read more

Anti-Science Trolls Destroying Science with Internet Comments Says Study

A new study has shown that internet comments are destroying science and influencing public opinion about science to a dangerous degree. Anti-science bullies who troll the internet, leaving wholly unsc... read more

How to eat an Internet troll

Here’s something you surely already suspected but which is nevertheless sort of nice to have validated by science: Internet trolls? Those nasty ... They delight in ruining the beautiful. The more pure ... read more

We Must Not Shut Up About How Women Are Treated on the Internet

To that end, everyone needs to read Amanda Hess's stellar essay on women and internet trolls in Pacific Standard. And then tell everyone you know to read it and then tell them again. It's an incredibl... read more

No, troll, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not owe you a debate

The author of an extensively researched Current Affairs takedown of Shapiro studied his technique for “destroying liberals ... and it would live on the internet forever. Instead, all the people who wo... read more

Are Trolls Ruining Social Media?

You may have heard the news this morning about Trent Reznor quitting Twitter due to the behavior of internet trolls who made the experience both uncomfortable and upsetting. OK, he didn’t quite use th... read more

Shadow Politics: Meet the Digital Sleuth Exposing Fake News

It was a few weeks after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School had killed 17 people, most of them teenagers, and promptly turned the internet into a cesspool ... to prevent a leaky pipe ... read more

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