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How to care for those Mother's Day orchids

They have adapted to climates ranging from the Arctic Circle to the equator, but most of the orchids we grow as ornamentals are from the tropics. No other group of plants can provide more beauty, color and diversity. Blooming orchid plants are increasingly ... read more
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This Week in Chemistry – Plant Molecule Contraceptives, and How Orchids Attract Wasps

Here’s the weekly summary of both new chemistry research and studies that have been in the news. This week features news on some unusual chemicals that spider orchids use to attract wasps, how certain plant molecules could be used as contraceptives, and ... read more

Ask a Master Gardener: Caring for Orchids

You may have received an Orchid for Mother’s Day and now you want to know how to take care of it. Orchids are not especially difficult to grow, but they do have some specialized requirements. You want to find the right balance of temperature, water ... read more

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How to grow orchids

Rob Stirling is a horticultural adviser at Wisley and has been collecting and growing orchids, especially those with scent, for the past 30 years. The moth orchid, Phalaenopsis, is still a favourite houseplant, but Rob says many others are as easy to grow. read more

Eight Summer Classes to Sharpen Your Plant-Care Skills

This summer brings several classes for people seeking to sharpen their skills in growing orchids, butterfly gardening, and even gardening with bamboo. Fees vary; visit each organization’s website for complete details. A tour from the gazebo to the ... read more

Orchid kokedamas: how to create on-trend elegance in your home

but has suggested using orchids, specifically the striking paphiopedilum, and it's easy to see why. Paphiopedilum, also known as the venus slipper, is a pleasantly tall and slender plant with an eye-catching lip and sweeping petals ... read more

How To Plant Plants!

Instead, he buys a flower plant, for about $20 or so, and we enjoy the beautiful hydrangeas or orchids for months. Oftentimes, the plants grow back the following year, earning even more bang for the buck. My children have also become enamored of green ... read more

How to Grow Orchids Indoors

Light, temperature, humidity, your watering tendencies, and fertilizing all play a role in growing orchids. The single most important variable when growing orchids indoors is light. Orchids that prefer high light -- unobstructed sunlight, streaming through ... read more

How to Grow Orchids

Once I got the conditions right, it took less care than any of my other house plants. So I am here to dispel the notion that you can’t grow orchids.. Forget the snobby attitude we all assumed surrounded this regal and sophisticated plant! Here is how to ... read more

How To Grow Orchids?

The beauty of orchids is unrivalled in the floral world. Grow orchids as they are a very popular and are one of the largest variety of flowering plants in the world. You can easily grow orchids at home as they have an amazing capacity to adapt themselves ... read more

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