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How To Grow Big Buds Indoors

A plant’s natural habitat is outside in nature with full sunshine beaming down and roots planted firmly into the soil. The checks and balances of wind and rain, coupled with prime planting conditions, result in huge and strong weed trees laden with heavy ... read more

Grow Room Humidity Control: 5 Tips for Indoor Growers

Gary Howard works in his cannabis grow room ... mildew or bud rot, that they take it seriously.” Howard and Clif Tomasini, another industry veteran and business director at Quest Dehumidifiers, have several tried-and-true tips that any indoor cannabis ... read more

How to Grow Cannabis: Everything You Need to Grow Marijuana

This guide is here tell you everything you need to know to get started growing cannabis at home, both indoors and outdoors ... growth as long as possible so that it gets nice and big before growing buds. To stay in a vegetative state of growth, weed ... read more

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Now that pot’s legal in California, here’s how to grow it indoors and outdoors

“Indoor ... soil growing, bat guano is a longtime favorite.) During flowering, liquid fertilizers high in potassium and phosphate encourage large buds. “Most plants have a maximum that no matter how much you feed it, they won’t get any bigger or ... read more

How to grow artichokes in the Pacific Northwest

Gardeners in colder areas usually grow artichokes ... February or March indoors, under grow lights on a heat mat for about 8 weeks. Cold harden them off and plant them out after the last frost, around May. Choose seed from a Pacific Northwest seed company ... read more

It may smell a bit funny, but it's lovely

This is a big clue in identifying your plant. The 8-inch clusters of reddish-purple buds open into fragrant ... Clerodendron and Clerodendrum. Q: My indoor palm used to be so full of leaves, but now it looks sparse. I keep the soil moist but am wondering ... read more

How to grow marijuana now that it’s legal in Maine

Any indoor growing must be done in the grower ... checking for mites and trimming them. “I only plant and grow the females,” he said. It’s the females that produce the flower and buds that hold the medicinal values.” Male plants, Rusnack said ... read more

Big Buds: A step by step ebook on growing at home

Jay Cheeba's Big Buds encouraged me to consider firing up the grow lights for something far better than meh tasting tomatoes! Everything you need to know about indoor cultivation of marijuana seems to be in Mr. Cheeba's free-to-kindle-unlimited-readers tome. read more

How to grow hydrangeas in Southern California

Name another plant that is choked in blooms for six months of the year. How about one that requires little care once it is planted? Can you think of a plant that you can harvest flowers from that hold their color and form for up to 12 months indoors? read more

Daphne odora: How to grow

And at this time of year, with the tiny buds of my Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata' sitting ... Daphne odora is not just a plant for big gardens. I have seen Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata' growing valiantly in a tiny London front garden, flowering its socks ... read more

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