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Halloween How-To: Cobweb Eyes

In this step-by-step makeup tutorial of a simple but oh-so effective Halloween look, MAC Senior Artist Debbie Finnegan showed our model how to create bewitching cobweb-effect eye makeup. Follow the tips to nail the look yourself for Fright Night. read more

20 Best Cheap (And Adorably Creative!) DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

The big day finally arrives and you get all of your last minute details and Halloween costume accessories ready. You do your make-up, hair and feel prepared to awestruck everyone. You arrive at the party eager to make your grand entrance.... but all of the ... read more

Sexually Active Old People Seem to Be Smarter

Fucking is good. What else can you say? We’re a species that gets to actually enjoy sexual activity. It makes babies. When consenting adults do sex-making, it is good. A new study suggests that when old people do sex, it is also good. Maybe even more ... read more

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This Is How Much It Costs Every Time You Use Your Turn Signals

It’s always been a goal of mine to make Jalopnik the best source for turn indicator-related information and commentary on the internet. That’s why I’m both so impressed at the work that went into this video and a bit ashamed it didn’t occur to me ... read more

Diamondbacks Run To Mommy To Further Attempt To Gouge Arizona Taxpayers

Advertisement Beus said, according to the Republic, that fans “had to sit in warm indoor temperatures.” The horror. Look, yes, these incidents are inconvenient and frustrating, but it’s not exactly like they’re playing in knee-deep poo water in ... read more

Doomfist Finally Comes To Overwatch

At long last, Overwatch’s gauntlet-wearing villain Doomfist is seeing the light of day. The new character has been teased since before publisher Blizzard even released Overwatch, and now, players can finally try him out on Overwatch’s public test ... read more

Dogs Are Manipulable, Cats Are Manipulative, and Both Act Like Babies

Dogs do the same thing; when they see you looking in a particular direction, for example, they look there too. Researchers in this new study show that dogs made their decisions based on these ostensive cues as well. They began by presenting the dogs with ... read more

Man shows how he kills up to 4,000 mosquitoes EACH NIGHT using his dog as bait (but don't worry, Rocky the pitbull never gets bitten!)

Mosquitoes are the bane of summer for about half of America, with millions losing countless hours of sleep to furious scratching - and that's without even mentioning the Zika virus. There are plenty of solutions out there, of course, but for those who live ... read more

LTD Magazine: September/Oct 2016

y t i r a y l e l t C r a l H a i i r o v l t i E d E Editorial Clarity D I R E C TO R o f LTD t’s finally here; pre-Christmas time and we haven’ t even had Halloween ... And if I look into Second Life®, there it is the same – “seasonal overload”. read more

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