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How Self-Driving Cars Will Sneak Onto Our Roads

Photo: The Asahi Shimbun/Getty Images Nissan’ self-driving car takes a turn at an intersection during the CEATEC Japan 2013. The car slammed to a halt on a sunny afternoon. A cloth and metal figure of a child wiggled back and forth following its sudden ... read more

The Dirty Truth Coming for Self-Driving Cars

Who will clean self-driving vehicles? I found myself wondering this recently ... apps that edge out the competition and computers that get its driverless cars onto the road fast over making sure that, for example, women passengers don’t get harassed ... read more

The case for rushing self-driving cars onto streets

The report estimated that hundreds of thousands of lives could be lost to road fatalities ... cost of following our gut and emotion, rather than thinking through the logic of the problem." Related: How free self-driving car rides could change everything ... read more

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How Self-Driving Cars Will Change Our Future, For Better And For Worse

Self-driving cars ... cars would plan out alternate routes and drive us to work and play in orderly fashion. The problem, though, is that this technology is being rushed onto the market, and it’s an open question how robots and humans will share the road. read more

Volvo says it must guarantee safety of self-driving cars

Volvo is now part of Uber's autonomous car testing programme. Speaking at the recent Cartell "Electronomous" conference in Killarney, Mr Rothoff said that currently we, as drivers, take responsbility for our cars but when self-driving cars come on stream ... read more

What Improved Tech Means for Electric, Self-Driving and Flying Cars

Just a few months ago, an outfit in Slovakia called AeroMobil unveiled a design for a battery-powered flying car that the company says will be able to land and take off vertically as well as drive on roads ... then drops it onto a battery-powered chassis ... read more

Google Is Building Its Own Self-Driving Car Prototypes

As I reported in my story "How Self-Driving Cars Will Sneak Onto Our Roads", one of the major obstacles for self-driving cars will be the graceful handover of control from human to robot drivers. Google, apparently, will leave that one to the car makers. read more

Cops have lots to learn when it comes to autonomous-car emergencies

If you want to access the trunk, you’ll need to “disable self-driving mode (step ... Waymo to test autonomous cars without safety drivers Autonomous-car firms in no rush to get unmanned vehicles onto California roads Watch how folks react during ... read more

How are connected cars moving out of the lab and onto the highway?

However, unlike the self-driving car, the connected car has moved out of the lab and onto our roads and highways. In 2015, auto manufacturers delivered approximately ten million vehicles – approximately 10% of all new vehicles – with embedded connectivity. read more

Why self-driving trucks will take over before self-driving cars

“With a fully autonomous vehicle, it allows us to introduce our ... s self-driving cars with this video helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak ... read more

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