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How Kepler Opened Our Eyes To The Vastness Of Our Galactic Neighborhood - Latest News

Why Habitable Exoplanets Are Bad News for Humanity’s Future

Last week, scientists announced the discovery of Kepler-186f, a planet 492 light years away ... despite the existence of hundreds of billions of solar systems in our galactic neighborhood in which lif... read more

NASA's newest planet hunter will launch Monday night — if all goes well

TESS is intended as a high-powered successor to the Kepler space telescope, which has orbited the sun alongside the Earth for the past 10 years and detected most of the exoplanets currently known to s... read more

Exoplanets 20/20: Looking back to the future

The planet, called 51 Pegasi b, would open a new era in humanity's exploration of our galactic neighborhood ... the launch of the Kepler Space Telescope in 2009. This spacecraft nestled into an Earth- ... read more

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NASA New Horizons Mission: The PI's Perspective: 'Exploration at Its Greatest'

Next up: Ralph's front door will open on May 29. But since Ralph's door has a see-through window, first light and some early calibrations will be made on May 10. These will each be big milestones: we ... read more

Messier Monday: A Big, Blue, Bright Baby Cluster, M47

Try to take in the vastness of the universe ... collections of stars within our own galaxy and galactic neighborhood (like open star clusters and globular clusters) are perfect targets on a night like ... read more

Isaac Asimov's Foundation: The little idea that became science fiction's biggest series

We're one step beyond the impossibly far future, right from the very beginning; our own time is ... gets its immediate neighborhood locked down. With Mallow, we're venturing into unknown territory — c... read more

Rogue black holes skulk Milky Way perimeter

These distant relics of the Milky Way’s past could provide vital information on the formation of our home Galaxy ... but without enough force to expel it from the galactic neighborhood completely. Eac... read more

Your 7-Step Guide to the Shadow Universe

Given the vastness of the cosmos–and given how little of it humans ... Time to come to terms, then, with the new reality about our place in the universe. Here are seven key things every informed citiz... read more

How the West Was Lost

was a guiding light in a loose but hard core of writers who have chronicled and lamented one of our great national sorrows: How the West Was Lost. Doig was born in White Sulphur Springs, Mont., where ... read more

Penn State Professor Leads Astronomy Research Team In Search For Aliens

She explained the magnitude and the vastness of the data being collected by the Kepler telescope ... up for a galactic battle, Cartier broke my heart, saying that it’s probably not an alien megastruct... read more

A Eulogy for Cassini

And out there in that cold black vastness, shifting around ... the physical world and how we activate our presence in its field of possibilities. This past week I attended the women’s semifinals at th... read more

Remarkable flares from the galactic center

A multiwavelength view of the field around the Milky Way's galactic center seen from the X-ray (blue ... Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*), the supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, is ... read more

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