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How I Came To Believe In Jesus’ Resurrection

The great lineage of Jesus Christ is recorded at the beginning of Luke. The names of all these men are historical facts. Even the census that Joseph and Mary had to travel to Bethlehem for was registe... read more

How to Avoid the Folly of the Pharisees

In 5:17 Jesus denies that he has come to abolish the law ... that group includes some Pharisees who believe in Jesus. And one of the more prominent figures at this Jerusalem Council—Paul of Tarsus, a ... read more

From The Pulpit: Counting down the time until Jesus comes

One senior citizen had brought his older daughter and my wife and I were talking to her when he came up and said ... and on our lips daily I believe. If we could just even manage to say , “God bless y... read more

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The Case for Christ: What’s the evidence for the resurrection?

These witnesses to the resurrected Jesus include the Apostle Peter, James the brother of Jesus, and, most intriguingly, a group of more than 500 people at the same time. Many scholars believe ... woul... read more

How to Spot a False Prophet or Teacher

For instance, we believe strongly in the ... He foresaw this and spoke concerning the resurrection of the Christ, that His soul was not abandoned to Hades, nor did His flesh see corruption.God raised ... read more

Seven Bad Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus

The resurrection also puts a burden of proof on its nonbelievers. It is not enough to simply believe Jesus did not rise from the dead. You must then come up with a historically ... to do. Here are sev... read more

Lessons to keep in mind while celebrating Jesus' resurrection

Our neighbor George recently spoke about the importance or centrality of the resurrection ... Jesus taught, the eternity of the kingdom of God is now! Are we challenged to believe that the words of Je... read more

Our culture affects how we interpret Scriptures

“Who took Jesus ... Believe it or not, that young man is correct. A spear is for picking up hay, at least in this part of the country. Hay fields, cow pastures, chicken houses and lots of big tractors ... read more

1st Glorious Mystery: The Resurrection of the Lord

I have come to believe that you are the Christ ... who understands and has professed (just as Peter did) that Jesus is the Christ, does not get the reality of the Resurrection, who else doesn’t get it ... read more

The Eternal Game Changer: the death and resurrection of Jesus

Last year I had the privilege of meeting three men who live in the Tulsa area who said they did not believe that God exists ... Sunday night at CPHS at 7 p.m. come and see Jesus’ ministry and ultimate ... read more

More than just faith

he came back to life, albeit in another form. On the face of it, Jesus was an utter failure, for he died a criminal’s death, as was the Roman custom to punish a lawbreaker. But faith in the resurrecti... read more

Easter and the resurrection of Christ

Easter Sunday reminds us that God’s love and power came to our Earth, even to the point of the death of the savior Jesus and the power of his resurrection. I firmly believe in the resurrection for man... read more

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