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How Facebook Groups Became A Bizarre Bazaar For Elephant Tusks - Latest News

HK seizes baby elephant tusks in major ivory haul

More than 1,000 ivory tusks, mainly from baby elephants ... Buddhist scenes to wildlife and bizarre fantasies, and is also turned into more mundane household objects such as chopsticks. Conservation g... read more

Is China's Ivory Ban a Sign of Hope for Elephants?

In Kenya, we see a herd of elephants ... tusks attached to its skull—these elephants were killed and hacked apart by a gang of poachers. Their desiccated bodies, robbed of their ivory, are found rotti... read more

Visakhapatnam zoo: A tourist delight

The rhino is hunted for its horn and the elephant for its tusks ... and should not become another advertising gimmick. If it does, it would defeat the very purpose of CSR. I should mention that it was ... read more

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What’s Needed To Raise Boys Into Balanced Men

Their research has found that hyper-masculinity is associated with sexual and physical aggression towards women and that male prison populations have higher hyper-masculinity scores when compared to c... read more

In Russia's far north, prospecting for mammoths is a cottage industry

Some green groups disagree that the mammoth ivory trade is ethical. They say there is a risk that it could actually encourage elephant poaching, by allowing traders in illegal elephant tusks to pass o... read more

11 Facts About Mako Sharks

Though dwarfed by the closely related great white shark, makos are impressive fish in their own right: They're speedy, powerful predators that have been featured in famous literature and have a bizarr... read more

Retail giant Wing On lauded over move to ban ivory sales

Campaign group Hong Kong for Elephants co-founder ... The ivory trade has become increasingly lucrative since a worldwide ban was imposed in 1989. Last year, the Chinese Arts and Crafts chain put a 65... read more

How outdated scientific names could help Chinese poachers kill with impunity

You can end up in a bizarre situation where an endangered species ceases to ... China’s protected list includes 79 mammal groups referred to by their common name (tigers, say) and by their scientific ... read more

Rich Lowry: Trump is right about trophy hunting

It would be bizarre to turn around and say that any schmuck with money to burn and no better way to entertain himself can waltz into the U.S. with elephant tusks. Trophy hunting is now the exception r... read more

Asian elephants said at risk from Chinese demand for skin

The group ... elephant could become extinct in half of the areas where it now ranges in the region if the problem escalates. It says the threat exceeds that from the ivory trade because poachers are t... read more

Miami Beach’s Clubhouse for the Superrich Will Be (Literally) Underwater in 85 Years or So

Whoever decided to put this literal elephant in the room must have a pretty dark sense ... the area will be transformed into what he hopes will become a haven for artists, tastemakers, and their patro... read more

Scientists Describe Five Phases of Quarter-Life Crisis, Recommend the Experience

Are you ready take a time out to find yourself, and start over? Are you 25? It may be your quarter-life crisis knocking, say psychologists studying the phenomenon of 25–35-year-olds having a come-to-J... read more

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