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Hero carbs: the 'superfoods' that don't break the bank

Before you part with $50 for a container of acai powder or $30 for half a kilogram of goji berries, it's worth considering some other traditional "super foods" – the ones you can buy with small change. Less than $5 buys a kilogram of high-fibre chickpeas ... read more

5 Food Trends That Won’t Break the Bank—Or the Scale

When you hear the term “food trend,” you may be thinking of elusive, expensive superfoods, but not all food trends ... Interested in trying out these hero veggies but don’t know where to begin? Pick up a cookbook by London-based chef and food writer ... read more

5 Healthy Hacks Your Takeout Meals Need

There are many reasons folks here may rely so heavily on takeout: NYC kitchens are notoriously small – some of them don’t even contain an oven ... it shouldn’t break the bank for even people on a strict calorie budget. [Read: Pizza Anyone? read more

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How to prepare for a marathon in just 12 weeks

‘The marathon is a very long run so you absolutely have to prepare yourself and get miles in the bank,’ says Olympic athlete Liz Yelling ... not from side to side. Secondly, don’t over-stride. Land with your foot under the body, not out in front. read more

Hugh Jackman: X appeal

Hugh Jackman’s face breaks into a wide grin when he sees the tray of sushi I have brought him. Diet features large in this Australian actor’s life. When he was in training to play the mutant action hero Wolverine ... since I don’t know when ... read more

Keto Diet: The do's and don't's of this high-fat, low-carb nutrition plan

My advice on the keto diet: I don't ... up the carb limit enough to account for a variety of nonstarchy vegetables. * It's easy to go overboard with high-fat, processed meats. We know that processed meats like sausage and bacon aren't exactly superfoods. read more

The Pentagon's Silicon Valley Outpost Is Bringing "Robotic Wingmen" to the Battlefield

The red tape-laden process of working within the government is the opposite of the move fast and break things mindset that Silicon Valley ... Kratos contract with DIUx is for only $12.6 million. We don’t know how much outside funding has also come ... read more

Pomegranates, olive oil and plenty of beans: The 'superfoods' that will supercharge your body this spring, revealed

All beans are extremely nutritious, containing a mix of low glycaemic index carbohydrates ... for a nutritional boost that won't break the bank. You could also pair those legumes with rocket salad, another superfood on Ms Burrell's list. read more

The Small Diet Changes That Can Add Up to Big Weight Loss

While his choice of a tortilla-free burrito bowl was a good one, he was still taking in too many carbs to get the scale moving downward ... and downing much larger portions to boot. You don't have to become a teetotaler to shed pounds, but consciously ... read more

Here's Some Advice: Don't Sell Your Car While You Are Extremely Drunk

Police then dispensed some good advice. “The lesson here is don’t drink and sell cars.” See? It’s not just me saying it. The guy’s just lucky he woke up with all of his organs. read more

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