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The Healthcare System Will Bankrupt The Nation -- And Soon

what will soon bankrupt the nation is our out-of-control malignant sickcare system, a.k.a. "healthcare." The runaway costs of "healthcare" are undermining the nation's economy on multiple levels. The people actually providing the care know the system is ... read more

Republicans Bet Health-Care Funds Shuffle Will Help Get Spending Bill Passed

a gamble that shows the continuing resonance of health-care issues in the national debate. House GOP leaders, seeking to soften Democratic opposition to the spending bill, have included six years of renewed funding for CHIP, which Democrats urgently want. read more

Health care will bankrupt the nation

Cut defense? It is already on track to fall from 4.7 to 2.7 percent of GDP between 2010 and 2027 – leaving it at 1930s levels. Tax the rich? The amount of annual income earned over the $1 million threshold currently totals 4.4 percent of GDP – one ... read more

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It’s time to recognize health care as a right

No longer will the government ensure that the nation is insured ... and families struggle to pay health-care bills for treatment of serious illnesses, leading medical costs to be the No. 1 cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. Much-needed care is therefore ... read more

Boehner: ObamaCare Will Bankrupt Our Nation

“It will ruin the best health care system in the world. It will bankrupt our nation, and it will ruin our economy!” said a fired-up Boehner. The health care reform law was the biggest legislation from the Congressional Democrats and President Obama in ... read more

Feds to create HHS unit to protect health workers objecting to doing abortions, treating transgendered

The Health and Human Services Department is creating a new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division The division aims to protect health-care workers who object to ... "The Founding Fathers knew that a nation that respects conscience rights is more diverse ... read more

New 'Conscience and Religious Freedom' Department Will Allow Health Workers to Refuse Care

In a press release, the HHS said the division will allow doctors, nurses, and other health care providers to opt out of providing ... the director of policy for the National Center for Transgender Equality, said in a statement. “The vast majority of ... read more

Trump Backs Health-Care Workers Who Object to Providing Abortions

Related Story The Man Behind Trump's Religious-Freedom Agenda for Health Care While the language of the announcement is broad, promising to “restore federal enforcement of our nation’s laws that protect the fundamental and unalienable rights of ... read more

Sanders Admits His Health Plan Will Bankrupt the US

Over at Reason, Peter Suderman has done yeoman work in digging up a 1987 event where Sanders admits that Canadian-style single-payer health care would bankrupt the nation. Here—take this in (less than one minute): Some liberals are pushing back that the ... read more

Health care bill will bankrupt the nation

In January of 1838, a young man in Illinois speaking to a community organization (known as the Young Men's Lyceum) in Springfield made the argument that an ambitious leader sometime in the future of the United States would leave the "beaten path" trod by ... read more

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