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Columns: Community Counts

I’m hoping I can find some more extra things to do in Guild Wars 2 besides the whole open world adventure: quest there, fetch that, kill x y and z. I am sort of going the ... what would you all do in my shoes? I need some help on this one! read more

Q&A: Making microtransactions work for players in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 game director Crystin Cox gave a talk at GDC earlier this ... How I feel about it is mostly sad. I wish it didn't need to come to this. I think most people in the industry were like, I wish we weren't at a point where people are considering ... read more

The Tyrian Chronicle: Guild Wars 2 Underwater Combat Revamp

Next week some changes to Guild Wars 2‘s underwater skills are going to be introduced ... But, it would still lead to frustration unless there’s some sort of prompt. Yes, there is a tiny prompt under each skill but considering it took me about 3 ... read more

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Uncover Your Guild Wars 2 Legacy In The Hall Of Monuments

Entering a character name in the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator ... and it'll show you what you need to accomplish to unlock your points." I gently prodded the pair for hints at Guild Wars 2's release window, but when I asked how long players would ... read more

The 15 Most Beautiful Locations in Guild Wars 2

Playing Guild ... Wars 2 was the tendency of The Mists—the game's expansive, siege-oriented world-versus-world battleground—to condemn players to waiting in lengthy queues during peak hours. The Edge of the Mists was designed as an overflow area of ... read more

Microtransactions Data Before You Buy:

You get this at-a-glance view telling you what you need to know quickly: Picking a game at random, we’ll go with Guild Wars 2 where they have it tagged ... That and it reminds me of the sorts of sites that used to grow up around MMOs with little to ... read more

Columns: Diving Into Underwater Combat Changes

My feelings about underwater combat in Guild Wars 2 could always be summed up in a simple statement ... This might seem like the sort of thing where the easy fix would be to make everyone to move faster underwater in general, but it wouldn’t work ... read more

Gamescom: Hands-On With Guild Wars 2

Before we get into the nitty gritty, however, let's recap: Guild Wars 2 is ArenaNet's sequel to Guild Wars, which was a sort-of-but-not-really MMO that ... Claims like "you won't need be in the same party to get credit for helping people" and "there ... read more

Forty-Five Minutes As A Bunny-Loving Guild Wars 2 Necromancer

But that's the joy of Guild Wars 2. You don't need to group or friend folks to play ... just to screw around for a half-hour without getting into a fight. This is the sort of game I could get lost in. I want more. North American players will get their ... read more

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