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Guild Wars 2 needs a "squish" of sorts.

I recently tried coming back to GW2, but it seems like there have been so many additions and things that have happened since I played last, it's just too overwhelming to jump back in. I think they need to do what WoW did back in Cata where they sort of ... read more
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Why Guild Wars 2 looks different than the concept art - inside ArenaNet's family business

“And, if anything, I hope to sort ... to need to just artificially invent some kind of new art style or anything like that.” So there’s no reason for anyone to worry that we’ll see a sudden lurch towards the dark and gritty in Guild Wars 2 ... read more

The state of Guild Wars 2: a game on the edge

Guild ... Wars 2 has ever had (compare that to WoW about to release its sixth major expansion!) so expectations were high. It's clear that people feel misled (or even actively lied to) about what was going to be included with this expansion and what sort ... read more

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Guild Wars 2: First Impressions of the Beta

But when an MMO-obsessed friend sent me a Guild Wars 2 (GW2) beta key, I gave in to curiosity and fired ... They’re quest givers, sort of—except it turns out GW2 doesn’t roll that way. You can participate in an activity just by turning up in the ... read more

Living World in Guild Wars 2

You could visit a town, and later come back to find it under attack, or under control of an enemy (enter centaurs stage left) and in need ... sort of episodic experience that supports this sense of an ever-evolving landscape and storyline. Guild Wars 2 ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Review

This touch of obtuseness is notable in part because most aspects of Guild Wars 2 are designed to keep you playing instead of wasting time on typical MMOG padding. Need to free up some ... and Guild Wars 2 generates the right sort of emotional investment. read more

Flameseeker Chronicles: Unpacking Guild Wars 2’s Flashpoint

I’ve managed to calm myself enough after finishing my Guild Wars 2 Flashpoint ... and we also need to find out if Balthazar really is gone. I applaud Taimi’s bravery in tackling the thief Balthazar and the appearance of Scruffy 2.0, even if he ... read more

Death In Guild Wars 2 Borrows A Page From Modern Warfare

When you die in other MMO titles you generally have to either wait for a healer to come resurrect you, or respawn near your corpse with some sort of temporary ... have no place in Guild Wars 2. But how can that possibly work? Don't you need an assigned ... read more

Guild Wars 2: For glory!

The second Guild Wars 2 press beta weekend has come and gone ... Explorable mode, particularly, still needs some loving attention before that sort of thing will be true for all the encounters (I'm looking at you, boss-with-undodgeable-pull-of-instant ... read more

Introducing Guild Wars 2's new profession: the revenant

Peters describes the revenant's ability to channel different legends as "sort of like a weapon for the right half of your skill bar." For the benefit of those who haven't played Guild Wars 2 before ... He'll do whatever he needs to in order to be more ... read more

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