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Guild Wars 2 drops extensive class balance patch

Players logging into Guild Wars 2 yesterday might have found that their classes were changed quite a lot, thanks to a rather extensive balance patch. It appears that there are more buffs than nerfs going on in this update, although change is never ... read more
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Guide: Min/Max Dungeon Groups with Any Class Composition

If you want to play support in Guild Wars 2 ... variety of min/max group compositions. The balance between classes is reasonably good now. The most important thing is whether or not your group has access to all offensive boons-- not what class you play. read more

The 20 Best MMORPGs for Mac

Many call Tamriel Unlimited version 2.0. It includes a new Justice system, more balance between classes (especially during ... and is considered a work in progress. For a long time, Guild of Wars 2 was the only MMO that could compete with World of ... read more

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ESO and the Legacy of DAOC – Pt.II

MMO design philosophy has evolved towards a state where game balance is of paramount importance ... strive too hard to downplay geographic diversity. A major weakness of Guild Wars 2 was the blatant duplication of their frontier areas, a mistake I hope ... read more

World of Warcraft: Legion PC Review: Back to Form

This is one of the stronger parts of Legion, with an extensive series of Order Hall quests focused purely on you and your class. This begins with the ... enemy tagging and gathering systems. Like Guild Wars 2, enemies are free-tagged now. read more

GW2 Sept 20 Developer AMA on Reddit

It’s expected that Matrix prices will always spike immediately after a patch… the question is, how much and for how long? This is much harder to predict, so we tend to play it safe and high-ball our numbers. Over time we expect price to drop and ... read more

Can we find a compromise position on abortion? An online debate

This is one of the best, most civil debates on abortion you're ever going to read ... To explore this possibility, I've invited Nora O'Callaghan into the Rhubarb Patch. O'Callaghan is director of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago's Respect Life ... read more

Developer Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas and Wowhead Recap and Post Q&A Show

This Q&A was broadcast at and we live blogged it here on Wowhead! Please see the liveblogged questions below! It also looks like Patch 6.2 will be called Fury ... Q: There has been pretty extensive criticism of the "Point, Click ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Dev Explains the 5 Principles on Making the Loot System

Date: 10-02-2010 Views: KeyWords: Guild War 2,GW2,Loot,reward,item,John Hargrove Summary: Today, John Hargrove, the designer who is responsible for the rewards and item systems in Guild Wars 2, tells their ideas on the loot system of the game. He explains ... read more

Guild Wars 2

"We kind of threw most of the Guild Wars 1 PVP stuff out of the window." Colin Johanson, lead content designer, Guild Wars 2 The Necromancer, meanwhile, has incredible staying power and an Elite skill that turns him into a Lich, making the class tough ... read more

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