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Guild Wars 2 Teases Underwater Skill Changes

Many players have opinions on Guild Wars 2 underwater combat and, near as I can figure, those opinions are overall pretty much not glowing. After what seemed like a matter of resigning to fate, however, ArenaNet is teasing that there will be changes with ... read more

Columns: Diving Into Underwater Combat Changes

My feelings about underwater combat in Guild Wars 2 could always be summed up in a simple statement ... Often just spamming the 2-skill seemed like the most effective way to kill mobs. The addition of the trident as a useable weapon has really helped. read more

Guild Wars 2: Playing the Ranger

Rangers use a short bow, long bow and axe to attack from afar, and can get in close with other weapons including a greatsword to pile on damage in case you're looking for a change of pace ... For the majority of skills in Guild Wars 2 you're able to ... read more

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Firefall dev discusses major gameplay changes and its Kickstarter-inspired monetization strategy (interview)

Despite lofty promises to the contrary, games like Guild Wars 2 ... the skill ceiling. It’s a lot higher. At the higher tiers of competition, you have a lot more capability to display your twitch reflexes and everything else. That was one major change ... read more

‘Stretch Armstrong’: Chris “Doc” Wyatt and Kevin Burke on Their New Comic Book Tie-In

The bad news is, if you’re already all caught up on all 13 of Season 1’s action-packed episodes, we’ll all have to wait together to find out if there’s going to be a Season 2 and when new ... will also find some teases for both the comic book ... read more

The Tyrian Chronicle: Guild Wars 2 Underwater Combat Revamp

Next week some changes to Guild Wars 2‘s underwater skills are going to be introduced. We don’t know anything about them yet, just that the skills and utilities are being enhanced in some way. I’ve not been given a preview of them so on the 8 th I ... read more

Underwater Combat Retooled with Good Reason Too

The Guild Wars 2 site has been updated with a brief look at forthcoming changes ... design goals for underwater combat to make it feel as effective than land-based combat. In addition, movement underwater should be more effective and skills should have ... read more

Bravely Second Producer Shows Off The Wizard, Teases Skills From A New Job

Square Enix revealed the latest job for Bravely Second with the Wizard at TGS, and Siliconera got to try it out during a ... she’ll still do her best to guide the players and the party. At 2:25, they take on a little quest where they have to fight ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Review

In Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet builds these events into every single zone, teasing you to explore by instilling a sense ... and most are left doing the same old dull skill rotations over and over. Often such a big crowd gathers at an event that it’s easy ... read more

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Goes On Overdrive With New Screenshots

Square Enix released a bunch of new screenshots from Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster and it’s looking sharp ... Some of these are easy to get like you earn a trophy when Yuna, Paine or Rikku changes Dresspheres in the middle of battle. read more

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