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Guild Wars 2 Suffers DDoS Attacks

Have you been experiencing some lag recently in Guild Wars 2? It’s not just you, according to recent posts shared to the official forums and the GW2 subreddit; Guild Wars 2 DDoS attacks are apparently ongoing. According to a forum post made by ... read more
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MXM players receive boosts following DDOS attacks

Since the launch of NCSoft’s new MOBA MXM (Master X Master) the servers have been under periodic DDOS attacks. NCSoft has been keeping abreast of the situation with regular updates but they have continued. Only yesterday Guild Wars 2 servers were ... read more

RuneScape, EVE Online, Guild Wars 2, League of Lengeds; All Hit With DDoS Attacks This Week

A wave of DDoS attacks have hit servers of several popular online titles this week, including RuneScape, EVE Online, Guild Wars 2 and League of Legends. Suffice to say, players from each community have suffered at the expense of a few laughs from ... read more

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Guild Wars 2 addresses outage bugs, NCsoft deals with DDOS attacks

“Standbox: Noun: 1. A sandbox game without any compelling reason to do anything within the wide open space. 2. A sandbox game that offers players no useful tutorials about what can be done in the wide open space.” read more

Sony PlayStation Network Taken Down By DDoS Attack

The entire PlayStation Network was down much of the day after a dedicated distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack by online attackers, which left the network inaccessible to users. It's possible that EVE Online and Guild Wars 2 have also been hit by ... read more

Guild Wars 2

Several of us got disconnected 2-3 times. Very sorry to hear that ... Would this be related to the ddos attacks? Someone should find them and feed them to Primordius. The DDOS incidents are usually short-lived and they don’t happen every day, so I ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Code of Conduct

The prohibition against personal attacks applies equally to all editors, including Guild Wars 2 Wiki administrators ... Many debates never reach a consensus, and the whole community therefore suffers. Though not generally necessary, an apology to anyone ... read more

WildStar Launches to Login Issues Due to DDOS Attack [UPDATES, LONG QUEUES]

The development team posted the following on Reddit: Appears to be DDOS attack – under investigation/working on doing network ninjitsu to cure. Sorry for interruption working on it! This is real time info, so may change. Only minutes later Guild Wars 2's ... read more

DDoS attacks hammer RuneScape and Eve Online

Eve Online developer CCP has also tweeted that its Tranquility server has been under a number of DDoS attacks, though connectivity has now been restored for the timebeing. It has also been suggested that games including League of Legends and Guild Wars 2 ... read more

PlayStation Network, go down under DDoS

On the EVE Online forums, developers have announced DDoS issues, and users on the Guild Wars 2 forums have been reporting login issues. In addition, the team that has claimed responsibility for the attacks-- the Lizard Squad -- has also caused the ... read more

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