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Guild Wars Artist Daniel Dociu Leaves ArenaNet

The art style ... of artist Daniel Dociu, whose painterly brushstrokes informed much of the way the games look, particularly in the case of Guild Wars 2. Yesterday, ArenaNet president Mike O’Brien announced that Daniel Dociu will be leaving the company. read more - This Domain Name is For Sale is available for sale. Make an offer here

Guild Wars 2 Art Director Daniel Dociu Leaves the Company; His Son Fills in

... take over his position as the Guild Wars 2 art director. Mike O'Brien, Guild Wars 2's Director, thanked Daniel for his entire work at ArenaNet in a post on game's official forum. Daniel Dociu will be leaving ArenaNet. Daniel has been defining the art ... read more

Why Guild Wars 2 looks different than the concept art - inside ArenaNet's family business

In this, its art is crucial. With its unique takes on fantasy tropes, generous content model and of course, stunning art, Guild Wars 2 stands out as one of the best MMOs on PC. Thus the retirement of art director Daniel Dociu, who served in that role ... read more

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Guild Wars 2 Art Director Daniel Dociu is leaving ArenaNet

Yesterday, ArenaNet’s Mike O’Brien announced to forumgoers that longtime studio Art Director Daniel Dociu “will be leaving ArenaNet” and Guild Wars 2. “Daniel Dociu will be leaving ArenaNet,” O’Brien writes. “Daniel has been defining the ... read more

Guild Wars 2’s art style passes from father to son

Recently I had the chance to talk to ArenaNet (and thus Guild Wars 2) art director Horia Dociu about his work at the studio. One of the interesting things about his promotion to the role is that he succeeds his father, Daniel. As a result there’s a lot ... read more

Interview with ArenaNet Studio Art Director Daniel Dociu

This week in our Game On podcast, Som Pourfarzaneh interviews Daniel Dociu, Studio Art Director at ArenaNet and Art Director for the Guild Wars series, about the art in Guild Wars 2. Check it out by clicking the image below. read more

The Art And Music of Guild Wars 2's Living World

Thankfully, chief art director Daniel Dociu and composer Maclaine Diemer were gracious ... May those clips delight you as much as they delight me! The Music of Guild Wars 2's Living World, Featuring Composer Maclaine Diemer You created the first new ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Introduces Super Adventure Box

"We've turned the clock back 30 years", joked Daniel Dociu, ArenaNet's multi award-winning Art Director. "With retro-style videogames such a part of the Zeitgeist, we're excited to marry Guild Wars 2's cutting-edge gameplay with childhood nostalgia. read more

GDC10: ArenaNet's Daniel Dociu discusses the art of Guild Wars 2

Daniel Dociu, Senior Art Director for Guild Wars 2, was one of the panelists at last week's GDC, and Massively was fortunate enough to sit down and chat with him about the art coming up in Guild Wars 2. The information on this highly-anticipated game is ... read more

Hunting - Guild Wars 2, artwork by ArenaNet

This giclee print is part of the official Guild Wars 2 fine art print collection by Cook & Becker and ArenaNet. The art print comes with a certificate of authenticity that is hand-signed by ArenaNet studio art director Daniel Dociu. An absolute top team of ... read more

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