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Guild Wars 2: The sublime smugness of Trahearne

Is there a more smug face in all of existence than this one right here? You want to punch it so bad, even when he’s not saying anything. When it comes to the vanilla personal story in Guild Wars 2, I find it best to grit one’s teeth, click “skip to ... read more
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Guild Wars 2

Season 2 is now offering a continued story, while season 1 was just a shake test for the hidden story which is implemented since beginning. The first arc is telling me that I am on the right track (surely with knowledge gaps and interpretation failures ... read more

Do you still play GW2, and why?

Guild Wars 2 Guru → The Gathering ... read more

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My Demands for 2011

And what do you have on your to do list? Blade & Soul? Really? Don’t bother. And let Guild Wars 2 gestate to full term, which means don’t ship it in 2011. Which of you is even poised to do anything in 2011? TERA is going to be another Asian ... read more

Divinity's Reach 100% complete!

Guild Wars 2 - "Costume and character concept art" Guild Wars 2 concept art. The bikini armor is a crappy cop-out, but the and girls look cool! CM This pin represents that things aren't always what they seem. Like how the witches state that what's good is ... read more

Swing Timers and Seal of the Crusader

If you miss once, there's a good chance that you will fail to refresh your Judgment. In contrast, let's look at the same paladin wielding a 2.2 speed weapon: With a faster weapon, it's easier to weave Flashs in between your swings. Less swings are "lost ... read more

SWTOR: A Short Time Before ME3 In A Galaxy Next Door

If you don’t have a subscription to Star Wars: The Old But ... Also, patch 1.2 is due next month, and offers “new high level group content and community-requested features including PvP Warzone Rankings and Guild Banks, along with enhancements to ... read more

The Sound of the Gravediggers

Listen closely, and you can hear the sound of the gravediggers who are coming to bury progress. Next week, we’ll talk about what that implies. read more

289-293: Terryl Givens — An Approach to Thoughtful, Honest and Faithful Mormonism

Terryl Givens did graduate work at Cornell University in Intellectual History and UNC Chapel Hill where he received his PhD in Comparative Literature. He holds the James A. Bostwick chair of English, and is Professor of Literature and Religion at the ... read more

Thoughts on the Metaverse Summit

There was a definite tug of war between two competing versions of what the metaverse means. One of them is the virtual world thing that most readers of this blog will be familiar with. The other is the annotated world augmented reality thing, which is the ... read more

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