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Guild Wars 2: How Devs Used Social To Build A Better Game - Latest News

Guild Wars 2: How Devs Used Social to Build a Better Game

In 2007, ArenaNet announced it was going to stop working on its popular free-to-play, massively multiplayer online PC game Guild Wars, and focus on the game's sequel. Guild Wars 2 was released Tuesday ... read more

Q&A: Making microtransactions work for players in Guild Wars 2

But while some forms of in-game monetization can be painful, many developers aren't able to finance their games without some kind of live revenue generator -- whether it's a subscription model, expans... read more

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Specialisations are a Game-Changer

Guild ... a new game when you play with a lot of the stuff." Coupled with the new Mastery System, it seems max-level players will have lots more to occupy their time than they currently do. When we re... read more

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Guild Wars 2 challenges MMO establishment with hybrid business model (preview)

Business model: neither free nor fee Guild Wars 2 sits somewhere in between the established business models for MMOs. When the first commercial online game worlds started in ... or SWTOR’s flashpoints ... read more

The ArenaNet Catastrophe Has The Whole Game Industry Rethinking Harassment Policies

One week ago, two Guild Wars 2 narrative designers, Jessica Price and Peter Fries, were fired after Price called out a player of the game on Twitter ... once all the developers have been fired? The an... read more

GC 2009: Guild Wars 2 - First Details and Q&A

Watch the brand new debut trailer for Guild Wars 2! IGN: Well, here we are at Guild Wars ... Developing a sequel allows us to start again with a clean slate and build a new Guild Wars from the ground ... read more

ArenaNet Fires Two ‘Guild Wars 2’ Writers Over Twitter Spat With YouTuber

As a result, they’re no longer with the company,” ArenaNet co-founder and president Mike O’Brien said on the “Guild Wars 2” forum on Thursday ... “Today in being a female game dev: Allow me- — a perso... read more

Inside the World of Guild Wars

The risk is that a player buys just one, but, says Garriott, “If we can provide a compelling enough game, people want to play through the whole game.” As of a few months ago, 2.5 million people have b... read more

Funcom's Vision for the Future of MMOs

And we have to have the space to allow those games to develop like that, because they build better games ... a quest-driven game, but it doesn't have to be linear progression. I think games like The S... read more

Guild Wars 2: Console ports, subscription models, and making sure it works on launch day (interview)

GamesBeat: Can you give us an idea of what the development team does in the final weeks leading to launch on Guild Wars 2? Mike Zadorojny: Right now, most of my team is playing the game. We spent all ... read more

The Future Of The Culture Wars Is Here, And It's Gamergate

It refers, variously, to a set of incomprehensible Benghazi-type conspiracy theories about game developers and ... so little about how human social interaction and professional life works that they ca... read more

Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change

That he was as easily accepted in the halls of the Dirksen Senate Office Building ... the economic and social consequences of a warmer planet. Yes, the climate would change, mostly for the worst, but ... read more

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