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Goji berries become miracle health supplements overseas

On the heels of spicy gluten "Wei Long La Tiao" and "Lao Gan Ma" oil chili sauce, another Chinese specialty product is winning global recognition for its medicinal properties. Goji Berries, or Lycium Barbarum, have long-been nutritional supplements for ... read more
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How these celeb gurus disappointed us all

He's also become a superstar in the weight loss industry, having launched all sorts of products in his name, including cookbooks, motivational books, exercise programs, and even dietary supplements ... If you think goji berries are miracle fruit from ... read more

Berries are the new superfood

In the last few years, more people have become ... health. It’s not surprising that goji berries protect against retina damage and macular degeneration. Keeping its long history and safety in traditional use in mind, goji berry is sold as a dietary ... read more

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Acai Has Become Popular, but Some Experts Question Claims About the Berries

Anybody with a Facebook or e-mail account has probably seen ads for this supposed miracle berry ... a friend learned about the berries and their purported health benefits while visiting Brazil, acai has blown past the goji berry as the wonder fruit ... read more

Secrets of Ancient Superfood – Goji Berries

And you were thinking these are only berries. Goji also possesses essential fatty acids. It is perhaps the richest source of carotenoids on this earth. If you think that all this is too much and it is nothing sort of a miracle, why not try it for yourself. read more

Chinese goji berry increases appetite of western foodies

bright red dried goji berries are a symbol of old fashion health food, often spotted in fathers' teapots or picked out of insipid chicken soup made by mothers. However, the native Chinese berries are rising as the next star Chinese product in overseas ... read more

Food as medicine? What to make of the claims.

The idea of food as medicine falls under the umbrella of holistic health, a philosophy and approach to medicine ... They're add-ons that bump up the nutrient value of her repertoire, including goji berries, cacao, maca root and hemp seed, bee products ... read more

What are goji berries?

When considering goji berries, it’s important to be careful of the hype. Health food, herbal medicine and natural, exotic remedies have become part of the global ... and ginseng have also been trumpeted as miracle remedies. Photo courtesy stock.xchng ... read more

Is Matcha Green Tea The New Miracle Elixir? Pure Green Tea Powder Packs Powerful Antioxidants

Matcha has become a popular natural foodie breakfast ... pomegranates, acai berries, goji berries and even dark chocolate. In addition to potential health benefits gained from drinking matcha green tea, users can expect an energy boost that rivals coffee. read more

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