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Frederick Douglass On Capitalism, Slavery, And The 'Arrant Nonsense' Of Socialism - Latest News

Frederick Douglass on Capitalism, Slavery, and the 'Arrant Nonsense' of Socialism

Frederick Douglass heard a lot of arrant nonsense from American socialists in those days. That's because most socialists thought the anti-slavery movement ... eloquent critics of socialism. Damon Root ... read more

Abolitionist Frederick Douglass: Lincoln's thorn and partner, speaking on the fifth of July, 1852

At an Independence Day meeting sponsored by the Rochester Ladies' Anti-Slavery Society in 1852, the former slave Frederick Douglass delivered one of the nineteenth century's greatest orations. His the... read more

The Reactionary Temptation

In Russia, Vladimir Putin has driven his country from postcommunist capitalism to a new and popular czardom ... a man who has barely read a book in his life, seems to think Frederick Douglass is still ... read more

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Despite fights about its merits, idea of American exceptionalism a powerful force through history

The westward expansion was driven largely by Southerners who wanted to farm the land and expand American slavery. But abolitionists like Frederick Douglass also appropriated American exceptionalism, a... read more

Frederick Douglass Hated Socialism

"The attempts to place holding property in the soil—on the same footing as holding property in man, was most lame and impotent," Douglass declared. "And the wonder is that anyone could listen with pat... read more

The hidden agenda of Obama's opposition

Is the US Tea Party movement a racial backlash against President Obama? A new study by Angie Maxwell from the University of Arkansas, and Wayne Parent from Louisiana State University, assesses whether ... read more

How the Soviets Seeded Antisemitism Around the World and the Price We Pay with Syria Today

Pacepa explains how liberation theology -- the faith of the church Barack Obama chose to attend for 20 years and where he baptized his children -- is a KGB invention created specifically for the purpo... read more

How progressives talk about July 4 and our national history

As I always do, I really enjoyed Meteor Blades' post about July 4, which centers on Frederick Douglass' iconic speech "The Meaning ... in operation which must inevitably work the downfall of slavery. ... read more

Identity Politics Ruin Everything

A reader writes about a controversy at his alma mater “that likely would have made it to the national headlines and possibly created a Charlottesville-level event if wind of it had gotten to the wrong ... read more

Trump, the American Pim Fortuyn

But some days Trumpism looks like the future. Instead of parties divided by questions of political economy — crudely speaking, socialism or capitalism — we may be having debates between the globalized ... read more

Morgan Freeman: Obama's not our first black president

President Barack Obama is considered by some to be the nation's first black president - but Morgan Freeman isn't one such individual. The actor told NPR's "Tell Me More" host Michel Martin in an inter... read more

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