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Freak Yourself Out With This $4,000 Alien Newborn Head Spawned From The Original Mold - Latest News

Freak yourself out with this $4,000 Alien Newborn head spawned from the original mold

Earth is swarming with creepy replicas of creatures from the Alien franchise — but never one this nightmarishly lifelike. The tortured Newborn might have been the closest humanity ever got to cloning ... read more

The 100 Best New York City Rap Songs

All of that is reason why picking the 100 Best New York City Rap Songs is no easy task. There’s so much to choose from that so much still gets left out. For this list, we gave special preference to ... read more

100 Best Albums of the ’90s

The Nineties as a musical era started late and ended early — kicked in by the scritchy-scratch power chords of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” ushered out by the doomy piano intro of “. . . Hit Me Baby One ... read more

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Interview: Mary Kay Place on the Emotional Journey of Kent Jones’s Diane

Do you see yourself ... and was just out having fun. We see what makes Diane come undone. So I guess I’m also curious to know what makes you lose your temper or patience? I come from a family that ... read more

100 Best Hoosier albums ever

The vast majority of releases picked are full-length albums, although we did include a few EPs, splits and collaborations that were too excellent to leave out. This is an unranked list. We'll be ... read more

Watch Marvel + LEGO's new Avengers-style animated series RIGHT NOW

Not content to blow DC’s superheroes out of the water in the upcoming LEGO Movie, the toy company has teamed up with Marvel for an awesome new animated series. Want to see? Dubbed LEGO Marvel Super ... read more

The 90 Best TV Shows of the 1990s

I was born in 1986, which I would argue essentially makes me the quintessential ’90s child, coming into the decade as a four-year-old making some of my first television memories and leaving it as a ... read more

Is America Going to Pot?

It was half a century ago that pot first began to replace alcohol as the drug of choice for baby boomers arriving on campuses in ... Government lotteries have crowded out the old numbers racket. As ... read more

Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Culmination of War on Terror Mentality but Still Uniquely Shameful

In fact, they have deported more than the sum of all the presidents of the 20th century.” Trump did not appear out of nowhere. He is the logical and most grotesque expression of a variety of trends we ... read more

Obama reviews Christmas Day plane attack in radio address

KAILUA, Hawaii -- President Obama spoke directly about the al-Qaeda link to the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a passenger jet in his weekly radio address on Saturday. "The investigation into the ... read more

GST reform: Bill Shorten has a tough decision to make

A popular Prime Minister leading a party praised for its economic management wants to have a national conversation about expanding the GST. This leaves the Opposition Leader in an invidious position, ... read more

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