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Final Fantasy Stormblood, Guild Wars 2, Morrowind, Oh my

Is it MMO deals weekend? Yep. Certainly the most notable deals this weekend are focused on the undying genre. This week Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood became available for pre-order on Steam priced at $39.99 for the Standard Edition or $59.99 for the ... read more
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Big Deals: For Honor and Conan Exiles 20% Off

Oh, my ... List is $60. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood (PC Download) - $33.29. Releases June 6. List is $40. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind (Steam) - $50.99. Releases June 6. List is $60. List is $60. Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns (PC Download ... read more

Massively Overthinking: Our 2017 MMORPG predictions

Guild Wars 2 will announce the expansion it's working on ... keep its patch cadence going for most of the year without a significant drought. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood won't be the huge hit that Square-Enix is hoping for, but it'll do decently enough ... read more

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Staff Reactions – Backgrounds, Hopes, and Plans

It was through Nintendo Power that I discovered various RPGs like Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy and Crystalis ... with both SWtOR and Guild Wars 2 failing to live up to my hopes. After a brief sojourn following 38 Studios ill-fated Amalur MMO, I have ... read more

The Top 12 MMORPGs To Watch Out For In 2013

The game is a humorous, colorful planet exploration MMO bringing a much needed dose of science fiction to the fantasy ... my expectations, but ArcheAge is certainly doing a good job at making me want to play it. Bless reminds me a lot of Guild Wars 2. read more

Whats your favorite Rpg?

At the moment - Guild Wars 2. All time favourite - too hard to say but FF VII through X are contenders as are DQ8, Breath of Fire 3, Suikoden, Panzer Dragoon Saga and Secret of Mana. Oh ... Final Fantasy 8 (Much better than 7 in my opinion, and still ... read more

Attack of the Clones

Oh my god. Where to start ... Isles coming out approximately the same time as Asheron’s Call 2, Shadowbane, and Star Wars Galaxies, how many people are going to jump ship? Final Fantasy XI Well, unlike the Japanese launch, the E3 server stayed up ... read more

Columns: Stormblood’s Missed Opportunity

It was at that keynote that Square Enix unveiled the second and final class for Stormblood their upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion ... Actively seek to fix it. And this is my hail mary. Move to five player parties. Please? This will be a lot of work. read more

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.38 Adds Personal Housing, PvP Adjustments, And More

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will see a new class and job with Rogue and Ninja in the 2.4 patch later this year. Prior to that, though, Square Enix have shared the latest patch notes for the 2.38 update, which features PvP adjustments and personal ... read more

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