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Fanatical Botanical: How to protect your hostas

Last week, I was brushing my teeth when, suddenly, a crick in my back turned much more painful and I couldn’t upright myself. On a phone call with my chiropractor, I reviewed the week’s events to figure out what I could have done to practically break ... read more

Why you should plant shade-loving hostas in your garden

With thousands of hosta species to choose from, there’s sure to be something that will work in the shady spots of your garden. Hostas aren’t without ... blue and purple bloom in spring and summer. When to plant: Set out plants in spring. read more

No weedkiller is selective enough to spare your bluebonnets

However, I'm also going to refer you to a retail nursery in your immediate area. I'm surprised to hear of hostas and lavender ... the DEET will also protect them from those, too. • If you'd like Neil Sperry's help with a plant question, drop him a ... read more

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Use care to avoid sharp spines of rare coral bean plant

Dear Neil: Our friend has this plant growing in her yard in South Texas ... However, I’m also going to refer you to a retail nursery in your immediate area. I’m surprised to hear of hostas and lavender surviving the heat and humidity along the Texas ... read more

Wildfire is real; protect your property (Garden Talk)

The growing season is over, do not water your plants ... so far back in the woods that the only landscaping plant that survives our summer shade are hosta. Each fall I go through the same routine to protect our house and loved ones from wildfire. read more

Fanatical Botanical: How to extend your growing season

The main goals of garden protection are simple: keep the frost from touching the plants; trap heat from the ground so it can’t escape; trap heat coming from the sun; and protect ... proactive way to extend your growing season is to plant varieties ... read more

Pitch in to protect natural areas by avoiding invasive plants

Seeds from an invasive plant in your garden can easily be spread by birds, water or the wind to natural areas nearby. Not all foreign plants are problems. Most of the plants we enjoy in our gardens evolved in other places — hostas in Japan ... read more

Garden Pests: How to keep your plants safe

Deer will also eat just about anything, slugs love hostas ... plant and they type of pest." Nagai said the beetles are pretty easy to kill with a wide variety of insecticides, both organic and synthetic, but Japanese beetle and the plant you are trying to ... read more

How to control slugs before they wreck your garden

"Now that your plants are poking their heads up, you need to protect them, because once the leaves are nipped, the damage is there all summer." The pests are particularly fond of lettuce and other salad greens, broccoli, beans, hostas, strawberries ... read more

How to keep animal pests out of your garden

Deer, for example, will quickly figure out that you've added cayenne pepper to your hostas. They will soon ... or in the plants you want to protect. Malinich suggests getting the hair from hairbrushes or groomers. • Plant highly aromatic herbs in your ... read more

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