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Exercise Is an Extraordinary 'Drug,' So Why Aren't Physicians Prescribing It?

What contributes to our overall health? What might surprise you is that our behavior – what we're doing (or not doing) – accounts for 50 percent of our overall health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this is more than our ... read more

“Fresh hope” from US for Charlie Gard?

Alternately, they will ship the necessary drugs ... are physicians who want to treat Charlie, and the parents want to exercise that option before consigning their son to death, and use privately raised funds to pay for it. They aren’t being forced ... read more

'20/20' Busts 10 Body Myths

Her treatment will give doctors at UCLA a rare opportunity to literally see how learning a language exercises the brain ... smaller your basal metabolism is less." So if a slow metabolism isn't solely to blame, why is it some poeple gain weight and ... read more

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Cracking Your Genetic Code

Why doesn't anybody else have it in the family? What about in the community? So ... may even make the drug cost-effective, despite its price tag:as much as $294,000 year. In Boston, meanwhile, at Massachusetts General Hospital, doctors are using new ... read more

The Moral Compass - What Price Glory?

Why do we continue to idealise ... too, that people aren’t really educated well enough on, and it goes back to our evolution as a human species, and we’re actually wired to move, so we’ve needed to physically move to hunt, to gather, to flee from ... read more

Running From the Pain

Only if regular exercise proves to be insufficient will medication and psychotherapy be recommended. Patients are excused for not knowing these facts. Doctors working in an evidence-based health care system shouldn’t be. Why is the United States such an ... read more

Why Aren’t Therapists Prescribing Exercise For Depression?

Should therapists be “prescribing” exercise for patients with mild ... Clients should check with a physician about what type of exercise would be most appropriate. read more

Exercise As Effective As Drugs For Treating Heart Disease, Diabetes

So why do most doctors prescribe drugs over exercise ... and a third of Americans don’t get any exercise at all. The latest findings should encourage even those who aren’t active, however, since research shows even just talking a brisk walk can ... read more

Why Do Doctors Prescribe Addictive Drugs To Known Addicts?

Where the drug is obtained (on the street or from the local pharmacy) and the reasons given as to why ... of physicians who naively “help” alcoholic patients stay sober by prescribing them Valium to deal with their anxiety now that they aren’t ... read more

Just Say No: When It Makes Sense Not to Take Your Medicine

Taken together, the data has more doctors putting ... the drugs may cause even more problems, in the form of side effects. So why aren’t the simpler strategies — exercise and diet changes — as entrenched as the prescription medications? read more

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