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Energy Idea For Mars Yields A Clue For Powering Data Centers - Latest News

What's Up With the Weather?

FRED SINGER, George Mason University: The data are ambiguous. For example, the data show that the climate warmed between 1900 and 1940, long before humanity used much energy ... order the two-hour spe... read more

181 Things To Do On The Moon

Image Credit: NASA If you woke up tomorrow morning and found yourself on the moon, what would you do? NASA has just released a list of 181 good ideas ... opportunities: lunar power from solar cells, p... read more

Infrastructure And Energy Alternatives: Wind At Their Back With 25% FCF Yield

IEA is an undiscovered, newly public renewables focused E&C company with a compelling valuation – 3.8x 2018 EV/EBITDA and a free cash flow yield ... power is cost-competitive with conventional fuel so... read more

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Forget Mars. Here’s Where We Should Build Our First Off-World Colonies

And while Martian gravity is low in terms of human physiology and movement (you could jump really high on Mars and that would be fun), it’s high enough that spacecraft would consume a significant amou... read more

The Inconvenient Truth About Electric Vehicles

An electric automobile will convert 5-10 percent of the energy in natural gas into motion ... Applying this brilliant engineering to the problem yields this result: A natural gas electric generating t... read more

What the energy cycles of other planets can tell us about climate change on Earth

Li and his colleagues have been analyzing data from NASA's ... the planet absorbed solar power. Li thought his research about planetary energy for the outer planets could be relevant for Earth, too. " ... read more

Intel’s Schooling From the ‘Big Four’ Cloud Customers

as data on things like power utilization can yield competitive information to competitors. Google is known to have developed its own semiconductors, for example, but declines to patent the product. Th... read more

Westar Energy: Why I'm Buying This Midwest Utility

Westar Energy is a solid utility company with an 11-year history of increasing its dividend. Kansas economy grows despite tax problems initiated by its state governor. Westar stock sports a 3.89% yiel... read more

More Wind and Solar Power Perversely Locks In Fossil Fuel Generation

Why? Basically because power generators will have to build and maintain a parallel set of fossil fuel plants to supply energy to make up for shortfalls in renewable energy when the wind falters and th... read more

Tech Renaissance Man Elon Musk Talks Cars, Spaceships and Hyperloops at D11

If you take the same source fuel and burn it at the power plant you get two to three times efficiency ... I didn’t think I could be incrementally useful in the Internet arena, so I looked to energy an... read more

Einstein’s Lost Theory Describes a Universe Without a Big Bang

The cosmological constant (acting differently from how it was designed, as a force stopping the expansion) is the best explanation we have for the mysterious “dark energy” seen to permeate space and p... read more

To 2014 and Beyond

Nobody has the yields ... Mars, its ability to sustain human life, and the feasibility of a manned Martian mission (with a return home). But don’t pack your bags just yet. 5. Big business decisions wi... read more

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