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Energy Idea For Mars Yields A Clue For Powering Data Centers - Latest News

Grayson: Who says government can't innovate? In fact, we'd be lost without it

The New York Times carried a story earlier this month, Energy Idea for Mars Yields a Clue for Powering Data Centers, that accidentally challenges a common private-sector saw that government can’t inno... read more

181 Things To Do On The Moon

Image Credit: NASA If you woke up tomorrow morning and found yourself on the moon, what would you do? NASA has just released a list of 181 good ideas ... opportunities: lunar power from solar cells, p... read more

Infrastructure And Energy Alternatives: Wind At Their Back With 25% FCF Yield

IEA is an undiscovered, newly public renewables focused E&C company with a compelling valuation – 3.8x 2018 EV/EBITDA and a free cash flow yield ... power is cost-competitive with conventional fuel so... read more

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Thorium Power Is the Safer Future of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power has long been a contentious ... Nuclear fission using thorium is easily within our reach, and, compared with conventional nuclear energy, the risks are considerably lower. Thorium’s Stor... read more

Microsoft Backs Away Slowly from the Grid

Microsoft’s concern with the reliability of the electric grid is driving the company to seek alternate options to power its data centers ... technology from Bloom Energy. AT&T is now Bloom Energy’s la... read more

What the energy cycles of other planets can tell us about climate change on Earth

Li and his colleagues have been analyzing data from NASA's ... the planet absorbed solar power. Li thought his research about planetary energy for the outer planets could be relevant for Earth, too. " ... read more

The Inconvenient Truth About Electric Vehicles

An electric automobile will convert 5-10 percent of the energy in natural gas into motion ... Applying this brilliant engineering to the problem yields this result: A natural gas electric generating t... read more

An Investor's Test Drive Of The Autonomous BEV Pitch

The idea that ... that the energy consumed by additional data centers will be multiples more than the 70 billion kW-h used for data storage in 2014. On top of that, we have not yet discussed the volum... read more

Physicists are still puzzled by a particle that seems to defy the laws of physics

The hotspot centers on the ... "we have an idea now of interesting places to look. And all we need to do is collect more data." Kampert, of the Pierre Auger Observatory, is approaching the mystery of ... read more

Sorry, Elon. There’s Not Enough CO2 To Terraform Mars

Mars might not have the right ingredients to terraform into our planetary home away from home – even with the recent discovery of liquid water buried near its south pole. Research published Monday in ... read more

More Wind and Solar Power Perversely Locks In Fossil Fuel Generation

Why? Basically because power generators will have to build and maintain a parallel set of fossil fuel plants to supply energy to make up for shortfalls in renewable energy when the wind falters and th... read more

Facebook Makes a Big Switch in its Data Centers

Facebook Inc. said it plans to move this year to new networking equipment in its data centers and stop purchasing gear from ... “Eight out of ten public cloud providers are using Cisco products to pow... read more

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