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Dynamic File Column mapping in SSIS.

During a migration project that was porting a very large database system from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2016, I was given the task of checking a few SSIS packages for correctness and completeness. ... read more

Integrating Text File Records in Dynamics CRM with SSIS Integration Cycle Process

In order to understand the process, I will: Define a text file format for the source. Read it from SSIS (read all files that could have a file system path). Map and transform data ... staging" table w... read more

Logging Error Rows with SQL Server SSIS

When building an SSIS package ... a simple data flow that loads data from a flat file, called NewStores.txt, to a table in SQL Server called Stores_Staging. Fig. 2. shows the mapping of the text file ... read more

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Common Examples of SSIS Expressions and Variables

In enumeration mode, select Rows in the first table: In Variable Mappings, select foldername as a variable. In Index, select 1. 1 is the second column (0 is the first one): In this tutorial, we learne... read more

Data Transformation Services vs. SSIS: The key differences

Another item SSIS developers will miss from DTS is the dynamic properties task, which allows almost any object property to be dynamically set based on vales from variables, queried from a database, or ... read more

Independent validation of induced overexpression efficiency across 242 experiments shows a success rate of 39%

Heat map demonstrating the efficacy of gene overexpression across all experiments (A). Columns are overexpressed genes and the ... and these can have different sensitivity, specificity and dynamic ran... read more

How to Connect to MySQL in SSIS

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, or SSIS ... column. 3. Click the "Component Properties" tab. Click to edit the "SqlCommand" property under Custom Properties. Type the MySQL query to extract ... read more

A Concrete Approach to Teaching Revision: “Sensory Mapping” with Google Docs

For students who struggle getting even a first draft down, I keep a link to an empty sensory map on a Google doc, like this one, in the About section of my Google Classroom. Students can open this doc... read more

Complete Guide of Hadoop Ecosystem & Components

It has the capability to manage huge data files in parallel. This is based on the concept of breaking jobs into multiple independent tasks and process them one by one. Map: This is the initial ... of ... read more

Extending SSIS Part 2 - SSIS Programmatically / Dynamically Building Packages

And once you got a set of transformations (DTS, SQL , OWB, whatever) with the tools you at your disposal, you then were faced with how could you reuse the logic with a slightly different file format. ... read more

24 Essential Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools

Mind mapping is the process of using visual diagrams to show the relationships between ideas or information. Its popular uses include project planning, collecting and organizing thoughts, brainstormin... read more

Angular for the headless web — dynamic component rendering and content-driven apps

Angular component tree for a grid with rows and columns rendered ... to the CONTENT_MAP as was shown above. For brevity, this part is omitted from the code listing. A simple demo page. Content is dyna... read more

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