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Dr. Joseph Bedich Urges Patients To Get Help With Sleep Apnea - Latest News

Getting Quality Sleep When You Have Multiple Sclerosis

Miscommunication in the body leads to a long list of physical problems – such as extreme fatigue, muscle spasms, and bladder and bowel problems – which make it tough to get through ... existing sleep ... read more

Reporter's Notebook: A Closer Look at New Devices, Gadgets, Apps Designed to Stop Snoring

If you sleep next to one of those snorers, you suffer too. “Some have coined the term ‘secondhand snorer's disease,’" sleep specialist Dr. Joseph Ojile told ... The Sleep Apnea Association has a websi... read more

Sleep science evolving, finding new ways to help patients

When his wife sought help for herself, and the doctor discovered her husband was causing her restlessness, Pierce underwent a sleep study and was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea ... "They're re... read more

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Everyone’s exhausted as social media, stress take toll

(The BPAP is used for patients who need to get more air in and out of their ... I don’t have that constant tiredness anymore.” While sleep apnea is relatively easy to diagnose, other forms of chronic ... read more

Why kicking the opioid habit can be so tough

"I wanted to get off them ... The severity varies per patient, and it's not predictable who will react how—but withdrawal is real." Opioid withdrawal is a highly disturbing experience, added another s... read more

When It Isn’t Just Clutter Anymore

He is going to get around to reading those papers one day. The mess doesn’t bother him, so why should it bother you? It’s his home, so back off. “Hoarders are very resistant to an offer to help,” Dr. ... read more


In line with other studies, Dr. Hobson's group did not find any specific medication that predicted excess sleepiness or falling asleep while driving. What underlies medication-related excessive daytim... read more

2014: A look back at this year’s news in the Mid-Hudson Valley

20: The Kingston Board of Education approves a policy under which some people will be fingerprinted if they want to volunteer to help with student activities. 21: Hudson Valley Mall in ... had “severe ... read more

Behavioral therapy increases connectivity in brains of people with OCD

The results bolster the argument for making CBT more widely available for treating the disorder, which affects more than one in 50 people in the U.S. The study also could help guide future ... brain d... read more

Chris beat cancer? He did indeed, but it wasn't quackery that cured him

Online estimate for the benefit of chemotherapy for a patient ... s critical to get hardcore about your health, which it sounds like you’re doing already. If you decide to postpone chemo, there is a s... read more

Brain imaging provides window into consciousness

Using a sophisticated imaging test to probe for higher-level cognitive functioning in severely brain-injured patients provides a window into consciousness -- but ... in those who are severely injured, ... read more

Help! My Kid Wets the Bed

Dr. Sandra G. Hassink ... author of "Waking Up Dry: A Guide to Help Children Overcome Bedwetting." For perspective, Bennett tells his pediatric patients who are age 6 and older to consider the average ... read more

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