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Debate Heats Up Surrounding Oregon Meas. 101 On Hospital, Healthcare Provider Tax - Latest News

Debate heats up surrounding Oregon Meas. 101 on hospital, healthcare provider tax

Oregon voters will be deciding on Measure 101 this January; a bill that would repeal a tax on health care providers and could impact coverage for hundreds of thousands of residents. If passed, the mea... read more

Washington pertussis outbreak is very, very bad

I did, and my whole family is up-to-date with their vaccinations. I refuse to be a part of spreading a disease that can kill anyone, let alone babies, and I refuse to be silent about it. read more

Republican nightmare begins: Obamacare is 'a godsend' for people getting coverage

Packard automobiles were produced from 1899 until 1958. James Ward Packard and William Doud Packard, along with their partner George Lewis Weiss started the Ohio Automobile Company to build Packard ... read more

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Examine Inequality’s Causes Before Prescribing Solutions

By 2010 that gap had widened to 22 times. Part of that disparity is the result of payroll taxes that take about 12.4 percent (half from the worker, half from the employer) of every dollar of earned in... read more

Why CNN reported 'Slavery's Last Stronghold'

(CNN) - On Sunday, CNN Digital released a special report called "Slavery's Last Stronghold." It focuses on current-day slavery in Mauritania, a West African country where an estimated 10% to 20% of pe... read more

Christmas Eve Roundup

This column will cause much gnashing of teeth on the right. * Good news, if true: Joe Biden, in an interview with ABC News, vows up and down that Obama will hold the line on letting the tax cuts for t... read more

The antivaccine movement wins in Oregon: Senate Bill 442 is dead

While the bill had strong support from public health and medical leaders, including Oregon Health & Science University ... In the paper, Hooker accuses the CDC of covering up data that showed black bo... read more

City to crack down on El Camino RVs

By providing parking zones up and down the Peninsula, they would spread out the RV population, making it less visible. People who live in vehicles tend to congregate near food and basic amenities, suc... read more

Transparency Problem in HCR Debate

He never disclosed during those appearances that he was being compensated by the administration for his Other Work as a consultant on health care reform ... the thing will blow up." That's true not ju... read more

Is the President's Health Bill Worth Supporting?

In this week's JOURNAL, Bill Moyers spoke with two prominent advocates of health reform with very different perspectives on the President's health bill. Wendell Potter ... but I don't think we're gonn... read more

Hospital workers fired for refusing vaccinations

NBC is reporting that several workers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia were fired for refusing to get vaccinated. CHP cares for very sick children, many of whom have compromised immune syste... read more

Nobody, Gay or Straight, Has the Right to a Wedding Cake

But the Rasmussen poll shows that Americans do actually support freedom of association in ways that are being lost in a debate that is focusing too much on who can discriminate and why and not analyzi... read more

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