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Daniel Dociu Leaving ANet After 13 Years, Son to Take Over

Mike O'Brien has announced that Legendary ArenaNet Art Director Daniel Dociu is leaving the company after thirteen years with the company. His son, Horia Dociu, is taking over as the Guild Wars 2 Art Director. He has also been with ANet since 2003. read more
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Guild Wars 2 Art Director Daniel Dociu Leaves the Company; His Son Fills in

ArenaNet legend and art director Daniel Dociu announced to leave the studio after 13 years' service. The Romanian artist direct the art style of ArenaNet's games since 2003. Now his son, Horia Dociu, will take over his position as the Guild Wars 2 art ... read more

The Art And Music of Guild Wars 2's Living World

The Music of Guild Wars 2's Living World ... our art director, Daniel Dociu, put together a video showing off the new areas for an internal company presentation and used my demo versions of the music to play over it. It was the first time I was able ... read more

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Kekai Kotaki Is Leaving ArenaNet

What an insult to the entire art team to say that Kekai or just Daniel Dociu (Horia is responsible for cinematics, not even the art itself) are the pillars keeping up the department. Hello? Kristen Perry, among many other artists also make up that team ... read more

Floating Mosques for a Climate-Changed World

One of their projects, which will be completed this year ... below. Daniel Dociu drew the amazing floating mosque below as Guild Wars concept art, and you can buy a print of it here. Floating Mosque [Waterstudio] Disclaimer: You are leaving a Gizmodo ... read more

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Journey To The West. Concept Art

I pretty much combined my previous years’ designs beyond recognition (crystal and fire). (sorry about the silence, guys! I got an exciting new job that’s been keeping me super busy. can’t say what it is yet, but soon!!!!) Daniel Dociu is a concept ... read more

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Guild Wars 2

Daniel Dociu was the only one who was telling the truth. I’d say Ree didn’t lie, and the game didnt go against JC’s explanation of it, tbh. No, no, NOOO! Those two were the WORST of the manifesto. I played this game for over twenty five hundred hours ... read more

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