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Vermintide 2's difficulty mirrors MMO raids more than Left 4 Dead's hordes

Vermintide 2 is hard. Like, really hard. The torrents of Skaven scrambling over each other to tear you apart with tooth and claw feels relentless, even more so than in ... 2 offers is a far cry away from the casual brutality of its predecessor. read more

This year's most anticipated game, 'Destiny 2,' is both brilliant and terrible

more than enough of those issues have been fixed in "Destiny 2," enough to make it a far better game than its predecessor. The world of "Destiny 2" feels more alive than ever. Each planet is distinct in look and feel, rife with hidden treasures to find and ... read more

Hyrule Times: The Impact of Ocarina of Time

Welcome back to the Hyrule Times, IGN's column dedicated to ... Triforce came into existence. With its focus on storytelling and a more cinematic presentation, Ocarina of Time managed to deliver far more than its predecessors when it came to story. read more

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Carl’s Cuts: On Schmemann’s Lent, Billy Graham’s death, Madeleine L’Engle’s “Wrinkle”, and Cardinal Cupich’s column

More than a few readers have noticed ... Cupich of Chicago has penned a column titled “What makes Pope Francis tick?” (No, not “ticked”—although I think a clear connection often exists between the two.) There is plenty to remark upon, which ... read more

iPhone 5s, 5c, iOS 7 reviews are in: The good, the bad, and the ugly

feels ... more than any of its predecessors, will likely be the device that "grows more appealing as the software ecosystem catches up." The New York Times' David Pogue had some stern words for those who criticized the fingerprint reader, in a far ... read more

George Brett says these Royals more talented than ’85 team

Brett is listening, and it feels ... by far, in baseball. What’s not to like here? You know, besides the 28 years of failure that this particular group had mostly nothing to do with? The more you’re able to separate this group from its predecessors ... read more

Part 2: Ken Burns’ Vietnam documentary is a great lie

There certainly were villains in the Vietnam War, but a bit different than the film portrays. The chief villains were Communist invaders intent on conquest, feeding to naive anti-war types like Burns and his predecessors ... a goal far more important ... read more

Nexus 4 Review: Not Exactly Perfect, But Close Enough For Me

Will the Nexus 4 be able to pick up the same steam its older brother ... gesture keyboard so far — it’s fast and fluid, not to mention a bit more accurate than I remember Swype being. I don’t know that it’ll replace my two-thumbed tapping approach ... read more

Deeply felt emotion powers Lyric's 'Carousel'

4 stars: Lyric Opera of Chicago's Carousel is its most successful Rodgers and Hammerstein ... dominated by miniaturized vistas that feel more picayune European than puritan New England, and suggesting, as profoundly and existentially as any of the scores ... read more

Yahoo! Games' Demise Shows What the Death of Flash Could Feel Like

But another creative platform's widely reported death registered much more of a shoulder shrug in comparison. Adobe's Flash technology, which had gained a reputation of being more of an annoyance than a useful ... Games along with its predecessor—the ... read more

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