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Chemical Traces From Star Formation Cast Light On Cosmic History - Latest News

Chemical traces from star formation cast light on cosmic history

Fresh insight into intense star formation, or starburst, events such as the one shown in this artist's impression are challenging scientists' understanding of the Universe. Credit: ESO/M.Kornmesser Fr... read more

Astronomers Spot the Universe's First Gas

Until recently, nobody had seen any of that primordial gas from those early days of cosmic history. Now, astronomers have discovered two clouds of that pristine material in a distant corner of the uni... read more

The oldest star discovery tells much about the early universe

By studying the light from this star in detail we have, for the first time, seen the chemical ... into an era of cosmic evolution hidden from modern telescopes: the switching on of the first stars. Th... read more

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Unlike Hollywood, the universe is full of big stars

Such bright stars, he adds, are “cosmic ... history. “There might [have been] 70% more supernovae, a tripling of the chemical yields and towards four times the ionising radiation from massive star pop... read more

Scientists Just Found Ionized Oxygen in an Ancient Galaxy

Cosmic ... short history of star formation at that time, astronomer Naoki Yoshida said in the press release. But the presence of any ionized oxygen suggests lots of luminous, giant stars formed inside ... read more

Ask Ethan #49: Do the cosmic unknowns cast doubt on the Big Bang?

Originally thought to be nebulous, star-forming regions only a few thousand or tens-of-thousands of light-years away ... and we should be able to detect the amounts of those trace elements and isotope... read more

Asteroids are not the only threat to life from space

But we should cast the net even wider. What if these great forces were influenced by even greater forces from the wider Universe? Might cosmic ... have left traces in sedimentary rocks. Supernovae sca... read more

Hearing on Webb Space Telescope: Statement by John Mather

The emergence of these first stars marks the end of the "Dark Ages" in cosmic history. Understanding ... of dense and dusty cloud cores where star formation occurs. These regions cannot be observed at ... read more

8 Things You Need to Know About Earth

and spends most of its orbit narrowly (in a cosmic sense) avoiding collisions with giant chunks of rock that could practically wipe its surface clean. But if you're feeling brave, here are a few thing... read more

Astronomers find evidence for stars forming just 250 million years after Big Bang

Finding the earliest traces of these common elements would shed important light on the chemical evolution of galaxies ... discovery we managed to reach the earliest phase of cosmic star formation hist... read more

When the Cosmos Started To Cook

The missing pieces make up an entire torn-out chapter of cosmic history ... So much rich history hidden from human eyes! Fortunately, some traces of the primordial compounds persisted past the Dark Ag... read more

Cracking the Cambrian

and maybe revise evolutionary history in the process. In the past few years, paleontologists have approached the problem with an array of new techniques. Those include scanning electron microscopes, w... read more

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