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Chemical Traces From Star Formation Cast Light On Cosmic History - Latest News

Chemical traces from star formation cast light on cosmic history

Fresh insight into intense star formation, or starburst, events such as the one shown in this artist's impression are challenging scientists' understanding of the Universe. Credit: ESO/M.Kornmesser Fr... read more

First stars formed 250 million years after Big Bang: Study

Following the Big Bang, the chemical composition of the universe was starkly limited, with not even a trace of elements like oxygen ... The team then reconstructed the star formation history in the ga... read more

In a distant galaxy, scientists find oldest oxygen in universe and stars from edge of cosmic dawn

In a distant galaxy more than 13 billion light-years from Earth, astronomers have discovered traces of the oldest known oxygen ... These findings, published Wednesday in Nature, suggest that star form... read more

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The oldest star discovery tells much about the early universe

By studying the light from this star in detail we have, for the first time, seen the chemical ... into an era of cosmic evolution hidden from modern telescopes: the switching on of the first stars. Th... read more

Astronomers Spot the Universe's First Gas

Until recently, nobody had seen any of that primordial gas from those early days of cosmic history. Now, astronomers have discovered two clouds of that pristine material in a distant corner of the uni... read more

How Dust Built the Universe

Cosmic dust, which collects in galaxies in loose fogs or thick clouds, has often plagued astronomers. The tiny grains, each 10,000 times smaller than the eye of a needle, absorb light ... under its ow... read more

Asteroids are not the only threat to life from space

But we should cast the net even wider. What if these great forces were influenced by even greater forces from the wider Universe? Might cosmic ... have left traces in sedimentary rocks. Supernovae sca... read more

Astronomers find evidence for stars forming just 250 million years after Big Bang

Finding the earliest traces of these common elements would shed important light on the chemical evolution of galaxies ... discovery we managed to reach the earliest phase of cosmic star formation hist... read more

The Underfunded, Disorganized Plan to Save Earth from the Next Giant Asteroid

As the New York Times put it, "In cosmic terms, it was a close call ... an alliance of universities and observatories informally dubbed "Spaceguard" in a nod to Star Trek. This alliance would be taske... read more

Astronomers Trace Evolution of Milky Way-Like Galaxies

Scientists don’t have pictures of our Milky Way Galaxy’s early years to trace the history ... of star birth. “I think the evidence suggests that we can account for the majority of the buildup of a Mil... read more

Black Hole Apocalypse

PAUL MURDIN: There was no trace in the spectrum of the second star ... much as half the speed of light. If Jupiter moved that fast, it would complete its entire orbit in a few hours. The region around ... read more

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