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Does coffee(caffeine) improve your memory?

What are the research findings on coffee? 1) – A recent study published in 2014, conducted at John Hopkins University, shows that caffeine does improve memory. 2) – The journal Neuroscience found that ... read more

Caffeine May Improve Memory

That cup of coffee in the morning may improve long-term memory, according to a new study. The study, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, found that participants who had been given caffeine p... read more

Caffeine and Mental Exercises Improve Memory

This is because of caffeine, a substance found in some plants. Caffeine helps to give a jump start to the nervous system. Now, a report says it may also improve long-term memory. The report was publis... read more

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Combining Caffeine with Sugar May Improve Concentration

but a bit of sugar consumed at the same time as a caffeinated beverage seemed to help out 40 study subjects in some standard memory and focus tests: Specifically, the team found that individuals who c... read more

Caffeine buzzed bees have better memory

the median levels were right in the range of those found to improve memory in bees. The dramatic difference between caffeine levels in nectar and that in other parts of the plant suggests that plants ... read more

How Caffeine Can Boost Your Memory

Caffeine is considered a cognitive enhancer on account of its stimulant properties. Though the effects are subtle, it's known to improve mood and ... effect on long-term memory in humans. Advertisemen... read more

Caffeine: Women's Weight Loss Breakthrough or Bust?

Does caffeine improve memory? Yes, and No. Caffeine intensifies the level of ... However, it has actions of a mild stimulant, and thus may cause an individual to perceive less fatigue. 4. Will caffein... read more

Caffeine gives bees the buzz too

This shows that caffeine may improve short-term memory, and could have the same effect in humans. Bees extend their mouth-parts on reflex when a sweet scent is detected. Researchers used this and cond... read more

5 reasons to drink coffee before your workout

... may help you push just a little bit harder during strength-training workouts, resulting in better improvements in muscle strength and/or endurance. A study published this year from Johns Hopkins U... read more

Caffeine Might Improve Long-term Memory

Caffeine not only gives us a daily jump start, but new research suggests it also can enhance long-term memory. “We’ve always known that ... We also know that caffeine is associated with healthy longev... read more

Long-term caffeine worsens anxiety symptoms and fear of the new associated with Alzheimer's disease

However, there is some evidence that once the cognitive but also the NPS symptoms are developed, caffeine may exert ... the increase in neophobia and anxiety-related behaviours exacerbates their BPSD- ... read more

What Caffeine Actually Does to Your Brain

Caffeine has also been seen to improve memory creation and retention when it comes ... (In a semi-crazy side note we couldn't resist, researchers have implied this memory boost may be tied to caffeine ... read more

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