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Does coffee(caffeine) improve your memory?

What are the research findings on coffee? 1) – A recent study published in 2014, conducted at John Hopkins University, shows that caffeine does improve memory. 2) – The journal Neuroscience found that when older adults consumed coffee ... read more

Caffeine May Improve Memory

That cup of coffee in the morning may improve long-term memory, according to a new study. The study, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, found that participants who had been given caffeine pills had better memory recall. Scientists studied 160 ... read more

Caffeine Can Improve Your Memory

Evidence for caffeine as a memory booster has been anecdotal until now. This is because the process of registering memories — say, reading a book ahead of an exam — may happen in conditions where the person is eager to absorb and retain information. read more

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Combining Caffeine with Sugar May Improve Concentration

but a bit of sugar consumed at the same time as a caffeinated beverage seemed to help out 40 study subjects in some standard memory and focus tests: Specifically, the team found that individuals who consumed caffeine and glucose in combination showed ... read more

Caffeine As A Brain Booster: Coffee May Help Enhance Memories, Strengthen Long-Term Memory

A new study suggests caffeine may help strengthen long-term memory and act as a “memory enhancer ... According to the study's abstract, caffeine could improve memory consolidation, the brain's ability to convert short-term memories into long-term ... read more

Caffeine buzzed bees have better memory

the median levels were right in the range of those found to improve memory in bees. The dramatic difference between caffeine levels in nectar and that in other parts of the plant suggests that plants may use the chemical for more than one purpose. read more

Decaf may help improve memory function

Researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine have discovered that decaffeinated coffee may improve brain energy metabolism associated ... These negative effects have primarily been attributed to the high caffeine content of coffee. read more

Coffee and Citrus Plants Boost Bee Memory With Caffeine

Even low doses of caffeine had a profound effect on the bees’ long tem memory ... plants to pollinate, which may prove vital information for farmers. Planting species like coffee and citrus amongst crops might improve pollination, or, genetic ... read more

What caffeine does to your body and brain

Depending on how you consume it, caffeine could improve memory, boost athletic performance, and be good for the heart. But too much of it may also cause irritation or anxiety. Many of us can't start our day without a jolt of caffeine. Coffee and tea help ... read more

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