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The Striker Awakens in Black Desert Online

Part of the leveling experience in Black Desert Online is ... and check out the Awakened Striker in action in the trailer below. The Striker already looked like an impressive and explosive class, so covering him in magical armor and making his punches ... read more
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'Black Desert Online' Shows Off Upcoming New Boss, Striker Class, And More - Screens & Trailer

New battlegrounds will also make an appearance with Kamasylvia Part II. As part of Black Desert’s already expansive life ... their skills for a PvE or PvP character build. The Striker is a class that combines both classic martial arts as well as rougher ... read more

Black Desert May 24 Game Update Patch Notes

No problem, players can enjoy an increased drop rate of several useful items including Black Stones, Shards, and ancient relic stones. Event Duration: May 24 ~ June 7 Additional Info: Killing monsters will drop Black Stones (Armor & Weapon), Gathering will ... read more

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Review: Black Desert Online

Firstly, classes are gender ... a create-a-character as robust as Black Desert’s. Secondly, you won’t see your character’s armor change much as you level up and acquire new items. Some items will affect your appearance, but there’s no rhyme or ... read more

Black Desert Online Launches On Steam

Amazing Steam-branded Black Desert Online goodies are up for grabs for those lucky and skillful enough to win. Players are challenged to take their Striker to the highest ... items such as Black Stones (Weapon & Armor), Sharp & Hard Shards and Ancient ... read more

New “Striker” Character Coming To ‘Black Desert Online’

Pearl Abyss will be adding a brand new class of character to their lineup for their MMORPG. Black Desert Onlne will soon have “Striker” characters for people ... character who got lost and threw on some armor. He even has his own Hadoken-like maneuver ... read more

You Can Now Download Black Desert Online's Famed Character Creator For Free

A few years ago, Korean MMO Black Desert Online made a splash in the video game ... In the creator, your characters gender and even general appearance is based on their class alone. This is unlike most games where you can have any gender/race be any ... read more

Interviews: A Chat with Pearl Abyss and Daum Games

Black Desert ... achieve when the classes’ gender would be interchangeable. Hence that some classes may look alike and have similar skills, like the Musa / Maehwa and Wizard / Witch, they still feel unique due to their individual appearance, move set ... read more

Some Changes and Weapon Types Preview for Black Desert Online

Today we will check the upcoming changes in the high Anticipated Sandbox mmorpg Black Desert Online. You will learn which classes can be put on one or the other armor, which has the ... awards and others); - Possible appearance of "bounty hunting" (hunting ... read more

Exclusive First Look At Starfinder's Iconic Characters

Those same named characters went on to star in comics, audio dramas, and any number of appearances in the ... are four-armed aliens from a desert world, and solarians shape the energy of stars and black holes into armor and weapons for themselves. read more

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