Authors Need Publishers Less Than Ever

5 Common Myths That Surround Self-Publishing

The opportunity and means are available if you have the passion. It's just a matter of knowing how to make the most of this alternative path to publication. read more

Black children’s book authors create their own happily ever afters

Dayonne Richardson at a reading. // Photo by Artis Stacey Inner-city kids are subject to the harsh realities of life at an early age. Encounters with loss, trauma, and racism become early companions ... read more

French author releases controversial fourth book about having an incestuous relationship with her abusive father age 26 revealing he 'enslaved her under the pretense of loving her'

French author Christine Angot, 62, revealed in her new book Le Voyage Dans L'Est that she and her abusive father resumed their incestuous relationship when she was 26. read more

Two Important Points for Writers

A recent conversation with my husband brought up two important points for writers to keep in mind. Rather than tell you, I’ll peel back the veil and let you eavesdrop. Bob: Whatcha doin’? Me: Studying ... read more

21 recommended books by Wisconsin writers from the 21st century

From Michael Perry's breakthrough memoir to Lauren Fox's family saga, our books editor recommends 21 books by Wisconsin authors from the 21st century. read more

Book Smart: Phoebe Robinson on ghosting, refusing failure, and shaking up the publishing industry

I was wrong! Writing and selling a book proposal to a publisher ain't sexy! Writing a book ain't sexy! Promoting a book ain't sexy! In fact, the whole process — the idea phase straight up to ... read more

Meet Christian Weiss, German publishing’s champion of the literatures of India

Weiss’s company Draupadi Verlag has been at the vanguard of publishing books from Indian languages translated into German. read more

From children's author to Queen of the Road... Writer on becoming a lorry driver

WITH the shortage of HGV drivers hitting supermarket supplies, one successful writer retrained as a trucker.... and found the haulage business less sexist than publishing ... read more

Fighting emissions: The need of a boundary-less effort for a greener planet

We are racing against time with the challenge of emissions, and the world must come together to innovate solutions to protect humankind ... read more

Will we ever find a cure for Alzheimer's? Research points to new treatments for symptoms of the disease

The latest research into a cure for Alzheimer's provides a glimmer of hope for those with early stages of the disease ... read more

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