Authors Need Publishers Less Than Ever

I've helped nearly 30 people to go from book idea to published author — here are my top 3 tips for writers

Jas Rawlinson says having an accountability partner is crucial: "When working with clients, I can pick the ones who will finish their manuscripts." ... read more

Column: How a San Diego publisher is making authors’ dreams a reality

“That was the happiest I had ever ... publishing deal with a big publisher, but the chances of it happening are less than getting struck by lightning,” Kammier said. “We tell our authors ... read more

Ghostwriters Come Out of the Shadows

And in today’s industry, where publishers are more and more reliant on nonfiction projects by authors with significant platforms, good collaborators are in higher demand than ever. It’s also ... read more

How the Old Ways of Getting Our Stories Out There Are Changing in the Digital Era

Opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not reflect ... In a digital world, sharing and publishing content is more accessible than ever. Podcasting, or audio storytelling, is ... read more

Americans are moving homes less than ever: Census Bureau data shows just 8.4% of people live in a different home than they did a year earlier

Data from the United States Census Bureau released earlier this month shows that just 8.4 percent of Americans are living in a different house than they were one year earlier. read more

New Titles from Self-Publishers: End of November

Each appears with a list of retailers that are selling the book and a description provided by its author ... than he expected when realizing his dreams. Nikos Savvakis. Austin Macauley Publishers. read more

Americans moving less than ever before

Fewer Americans are moving to new homes than at any time since the government began keeping track, as demographic trends collide with a hot housing market in which prices are rising over lack of ... read more

The 100 Best Baseball Books Ever Written

There are more good books written about baseball than any other American team sport—and that’s not just because baseball has been around the longest. “This ain’t a football game,” manager Earl Weaver ... read more

The Labor Market Doesn’t Need Antitrust Protection

The DOJ argues the merger would further concentrate the publishing industry and the result would be smaller advances for authors and less diverse ... have more power than ever. read more

First Report Of Its Kind Published On Experience Of Older Māori And Aged Residential Care

New research published today by the Health Quality & Safety Commission (the Commission) is the first of its kind to better understand, raise awareness of and start discussion about the quality of care ... read more

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