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Ars On Your Lunch Break: The Ins And Outs Of Genomics With George Church, Part 2 - Latest News

Ars on your lunch break: The ins and outs of genomics with George Church, part 2

Today we’re presenting the second installment of my wide-ranging interview with George Church, whose Harvard lab is one of the most celebrated fonts of innovation in the world of life science. Part on... read more

On the Origin of Science Writers

From blogger to book writer, beginner to veteran, Asimov to Zimmer, tell us your story. Just stick a comment in with your story, who you are and what you do. If there are multiple links, it’ll be dive... read more

KO's departure: a plaintiff's employment attorney's take

It should be noted that since his contract had 2 more years to go, it is possible that they could prevent him from being an on air news host for that time frame. Of course, since we know that it was a ... read more

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Towards a Healthier Debate on Health Reform

This week on the JOURNAL, Bill Moyers asked three veteran observers for their perspectives on the health care debate playing out across the country ... Republican author David Frum, a former speechwri... read more

Sarah Palin doesn't get it

Your Browser DoesNot ... but of our enduring strength. It is part of why America is exceptional. To question my campaign rhetoric is to stifle dissent, she says. No one should be deterred from speakin... read more


Our submission system works hard to preserve your anonymity, but we recommend you also take some of your own precautions. Please review these basic guidelines. 1. Contact us if you have specific probl... read more

Ars on your lunch break: the ins and outs of genomics, 30 minutes at a time

Today we’re launching something of an experiment, connecting a podcast to the written pages here at Ars. For at least a few weeks, we’ll be running episodes of my tech- and science-heavy podcast in in... read more

You think the big box stores have got it bad? UPDATED with a response from Steve

This shop is on route for my kid btw school, and the owner has been so wonderful.... letting my kid hang out there after school because I couldnt ... you're supporting those independent sellers (and A... read more

Why Evolution is True, But Coyne is Wrong About Religion, Part I: The "Shut Up" Canard

[Another choice of words on my part that has been challenged ... It will take several because there are a lot of issues rolling around here, and I want to break them up to deal with them more adequate... read more

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