Antares And Edit Print Publishing Houses Announce Books Coming Out Soon

Vanessa Hudgens hangs on the sideline before singing national anthem at Raiders game in Las Vegas

Vanessa Hudgens looked ready for some football while standing on the sideline at the Las Vegas Raiders game. The actress, 32, wore a sparkly black and silver fringe jacket. read more

Why one Nobel Laureate is struggling to sell books in America

Afterlives, which explores the brutality of Germany’s colonial rule in East Africa, came out ... in a print-to-order programme through the book distributor Ingram, which allows publishers ... read more

Andrew Cuomo 'specifically asked for Hope Hicks to join meeting with Trump at White House so he could creepily stare at her', claims Mark Meadows in new book

Mark Meadows writes in the upcoming book that just before a meeting last year between the disgraced New York governor and Trump, Cuomo wanted Hope Hicks in the room. read more

Vote For the Best Book

You can choose up to three, and we’ll announce ... and soon impatient American readers were ordering copies of the second volume from Britain, where it had already come out. “This book ... read more

Writing and Publishing

Echoes and codes: experimental winners in the small press world of publishing. Author Laura Jean ... from festival updates, what's coming to our stages, and hitting the galleries this weekend. As soon ... read more

AAP will soon become a clone of BJP: Chidambaram

Soon, the AAP will become a clone of the BJP," he said on Twitter. The former Union minister also hit out at the BJP for changing three chief ministers in Uttarakhand in five years. "Uttarakhand ... read more

Book Review: Cuomo Lied to Ethics Panel

The vote, which came four weeks after ... completing negotiations on his huge book advance. Bottom Dropped Out After that revelation, his publisher, Crown Publishing, announced that there would be no ... read more

POLITICO Playbook: Crisis averted after conservatives cave

The breakthrough came after ... The White House Covid-19 response team and public health officials will brief at 11 a.m. Press secretary JEN PSAKI will brief at 1:30 p.m. THE HOUSE is out. read more

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

We will announce on social media as soon as we have more information ... US and Philippines (Scholastic are the publishers of Harry Potter for these territories). Buy from Bloomsbury here. What is the ... read more

You only get one vote

Regarding the rant of Gregory Jarrin, M.D. (“Trump Lost,” W.M. Independent, Oct. 1, 2021), one would expect from a doctor an opinion containing something approaching reasoned discourse, rather ... read more

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