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ALERT: Government Freezes EBT Funds: Orders States To Withhold Transfers To Food Stamp Recipients - Latest News

Attorney wants evidence suppressed in food-stamp fraud case

The motion refers to The Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978 that states “users” must have a reason or permission to obtain a consumer report. Reasons include an order by a ... a fair trial, the Government’s privilege to withhold disclosure ... read more

California Could Cut Off Feds In Response To Trump Threats

a senior government source in Sacramento said. The federal funds pay for a variety of state and local programs from law enforcement to homeless shelters. “California could very well become an organized non-payer,” said Willie Brown, Jr, a former ... read more

Tax overhaul could be ticket to success

it argues that increasing amounts of company tax may be refunded to superannuation funds and retirees on tax-free incomes: "Although this is of enormous benefit to retirees, it may erode one of the largest sources of revenue for the Australian government ... read more

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Obama defends decision to release Taliban leaders from Gitmo

This is a rush transcript from "The Five," June 3, 2014. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: This is a Fox News alert. The story surrounding the president's deal with the Taliban is huge, Benghazi huge. read more

Tip of The Iceberg: NSA Surveillance Goes Far Deeper Than Revealed

Last weekend I returned to my alma mater for homecoming. (GO BADGERS!) Leaving the Madison, Wisconsin Airport on Sunday, my husband and I were treated to the Transportation Security Agency's (TSA) ... read more

Constance Marie’s Blog: To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

Oh boy! That was fun … not! Anywho — on with the blog. My topic this week: To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question…? Okay, I know this can be an overwhelming subject. It is for me. First let me say, I am not anti-vaccine but I am not ... read more

The Robert Kennedy Jr. Anti-Vaccine Tour

It was about a famous person who came to her state to publicly oppose a bill that would make ... “his crazy-talk about a vast government conspiracy to hide the truth that a vaccine ingredient called thimerosal causes childhood autism.” read more

Stories for April 2011

Mr. Mullen says Arkansas land is the cheapest land for the money that is ... the Crater of Diamonds State Park near Murfreesboro. posted: 04/29/2011 5:41 a.m. The U.S. economy slowed more than forecast in the first quarter as government spending declined ... read more

Asylum seeker policy: we're all mad here

an arrangement that promised to stamp out the miserable trade in human lives by staging a colossal, state-sponsored swap of unwanted people between two sovereign nations; our 800 for their 4,000, plus money. Now, we have a new Government, a team of people ... read more

A massive suck

Because if this president is willing to go after Social Security, the one federal program that is solvent, then there is truly nothing that is sacrosanct in terms of government that benefits ... which are generally the state abbreviation followed by ... read more

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