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A Sore Achilles Tendon After Running

Kimberly Rienecke started her career as a health and fitness writer by working for various websites. She is a certified orthopedic physician assistant and an ACE-certified personal trainer. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in biology from Towson ... read more
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It Took Me Years to Realize I Had an Eating Disorder

Maybe coach was right, maybe it was just tendonitis after all. Those three days off must have done ... “Why were you even trying to run? Your pain tolerance must be very high.” What it took me years to realize, though, was that my foot was not the ... read more

All the Gear and Gadgets I Used to Train for the Half Marathon

Trainers will tell you that if you can run the ... alleviate the pain, I picked up the Zamst JK-Band for knee support. Less intrusive than a knee-covering brace, the strap wraps below the knee for extra stability for people with patella tendonitis. read more

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A Sore Heel After Running

A sore heel, while often not serious, can cut your runs short for some time if you don't take proper care of it. A number of factors can cause heel pain after ... overweight. Running too much can also cause inflammation in the Achilles tendon, which ... read more

How to Stretch After Running – Video Tutorial

It’s important your calf muscles get a stretch after running, but don’t force it if you’re suffering with a sore achilles tendon post run. We often associate the bigger of the calf muscles, Gastrocnemius, with ‘the’ calf muscle. However often ... read more

How Runners Can Solve a Sore Achilles Problem

The goals during this stage are to reduce pain and manage any swelling around the Achilles tendon. This is when the standard RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) treatment is very helpful. Runners with a painful Achilles tendon should stop running ... read more

Treatments and Causes of Hip Pain after Running

Athletes experience many issues while training, and hip pain is one of the most common ones. The main cause of hip pain after running is inflammation ... around the outer side of your hip. Insertional tendonitis: This causes problems in the hip flexor ... read more

Class D: Lawrence-Nelson senior Molly McCartney weathers all challenges in 3,200

Two days ago, Lawrence-Nelson senior Molly McCartney was in a walking boot after being diagnosed with a minor case of tendonitis in her ... then coming back tomorrow to run a mile. Your legs are already tight. You’re sore already. It’s tough, but ... read more

Inflamed Achilles Tendon After Running

Achilles tendon pain from running may be imposed by poor technique. An inflamed Achilles tendon after running might mean that you need to change your foot strike — that is, avoid landing on your heels while you run, and land under your toes instead. read more

achilles tendon sore after running

Google "joint pain treatment" and you may encounter a natural supplement called Joint Relief Solution. The following FAQ section should answer some of your questions about this product and how it may help you reduce joint pain read more

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