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7 Bathroom Habits That Can Add Years To Your Life According To Science Amp; Experts - Latest News

The 7 Most Sought After Good Habits (and How to Achieve Them)

Given the time of year this is, motivation and resolution making is at an all-time high. That's why I thought it might be useful to break down the 7 most popular good habits from this list and describ... read more

11 Allegedly Haunted or Cursed Graves Around the U.S.

A distraught Sitton ended her own life, according ... sloth experts, though, because it’s not clear that the sloths actually eat this algae, or that it makes any kind of real impact on their diet. For ... read more

An 'all natural' diet? There's no such thing, book says new

But some of these dietary prescriptions make little sense for modern humans, according to a new book on the evolution of the use of food and eating habits among prehistoric people. While there is much ... read more

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Surprising signs you'll live to 100

From what you eat to how you live, it is the little things you do that add years ... habits, or circumstances in your past, can influence how long and how well you'll live. Here, the latest research o... read more

Week in review: Tulsa-area home sales fall

Although most of this year’s home sales have been in positive territory, September reversed the trend in a big way. Approximately 1,162 homes changed hands last month, according ... “You can’t just st... read more

DIY Tips for Preventing 5 Household Bugs from Infesting Your Home

According to Mosquito Squad pest control group, if mosquitoes do infiltrate the house, place a small bowl of water in the corner and add ... 7. ORGANIZE KIDS’ BOOKS TO INSTILL A LOVE OF READING. You c... read more

Video shows employee taking 24 balls into bathroom

PFT can now contribute additional details to that story. First, per a league source, the other “area on way to field” is a bathroom. The bathroom consists of one toilet and one sink and a door that lo... read more

The No-BS Guide to Boosting Your Immunity and Avoiding the Common Cold

We talked to experts ... year? It's pretty simple: Little wonder lack of sleep and sickness are tied together: You haven't had enough rest, so your mind and body are taxed and you just can't function ... read more

Grain-free pet foods are no healthier, vets say

According ... can even increase life span. This is also the case in mice and rats, and “we believe that these findings apply to cats as well,” Fascetti said. There’s no one magic diet for every animal ... read more

The Best Drug for Quitting Smoking Can't Shake Its Suicide Stigma

How can there be such a gulf between what the science ... according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Life expectancy for smokers is ten years shorter than nonsmokers, and if you can ... read more

She was the PTA mom everyone knew. Who would want to harm her?

From the color of its lookalike homes to the height of the grass, life ... year suspension. Musing on his half-century in the law, the judge called this “the most incomprehensible case I’ve ever seen, ... read more

Learning to advance the positives of aging

By contrast, seniors whose view of aging is primarily positive live 7.5 years longer. Can positive ... pay attention to your automatic responses. If you find yourself flinching at the sight of wrinkle... read more

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