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7 Phrases That Indicate You Might Be In A Toxic Work Environment - Latest News

7 Work Habits That Could Be A Sign of High Functioning Anxiety

However, that doesn't mean it's not what's driving a lot of people's behavior, and they might be totally ... What's more, if you manage others and expect the same 24/7 work schedule from them, you cou... read more

5 Signs of a Toxic Workplace That Should Be Stopped Immediately

Whether you ... might as well be in another country. Communicate assertively when dealing with bullies and toxic workers; state the facts, and document everything that goes on. And I do mean everythin... read more

Toxic Family Communication—You Can Change It!

If you like use pen and paper to help capture your thoughts. If your response to questions 4 & 7 is yes, give it some thought. Often we become hypersensitive or defensive to words, phrases or advice . ... read more

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The Daily 202: GOP senators downplaying Russian interference shows how Trump has co-opted the party

I mean, I could name plenty of others that we deal with that you don’t say the same thing about ... but it is nonetheless surreal to read quotes from Republican senators that sound like they might hav... read more

16 Meaningless Market Phrases That Will Make You Sound Smart On CNBC

This language consists of market phrases that you hear all the time ... (Just because a stock or market is "oversold" doesn't mean it will go up. It might get more "oversold.") Again, it sounds like y... read more

Survey finds most annoying phrases people use in the workplace

If so, you might ... these phrases. According to 72 percent of American workers, these annoying words and phrases are used out of habit. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t token office jokes... read more

14 Signs That You’re Really Shy—and What to Do About It

And just because someone isn’t talking much doesn’t mean they’re shy ... Think about what you might say next or what the other person told you, he suggests. Memorize the magic phrases that can save an... read more

Workplace Rudeness Spreads Like a Virus, Study Finds

Everyone worries about catching a cold at the office, but if you've got a mean co-worker ... can create the toxic environment, he added. This happens because experiences with rudeness leave a much big... read more

5 polluting industries that won big from Scott Pruitt’s tenure at the EPA

“A central feature of [Trump’s] agenda is environmental damage: making the air dirtier and exposing people to more toxic chemicals,” wrote researchers ... less scrutiny than his predecessor. “You migh... read more

Top 4 reasons why people hate their jobs -- and what to do about them

Company culture It's one thing for your employer to expect that you show up on time and work your hardest during business hours. But it's another thing to work in an environment where ... tend to be t... read more

7 positive lessons you learn when you leave a toxic, abusive relationship behind

But that doesn't mean it's impossible. Perpetua Neo, a doctor of psychology and expert who works with women who are healing from damaging, toxic relationships, said if you sort through your pain, work ... read more

The Daily 202: Kavanaugh’s paper trail makes his confirmation harder but ensures he’ll be reliably conservative

As Kavanaugh praised the president during his speech in the East Room, you ... might be shelved, others, such as a probe by a key House committee, are likely to continue.” -- Trump’s longtime personal ... read more

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